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One of the instances that I witnessed a good speech was from a local council youth representative, trying to promote creativity and innovation among the youths. An important aspect in his speech was his perfect use of eye contact and gestures which perfectly aided his points. His use of handouts allowed his audience to access his main points for later use. His comments and main points were short, straight and upfront. I also liked his talk structure. His introduction was short and very different from other people who usually have endless lists of honorable to acknowledgement. Although this youth speaker was young, he looked prepared and confident.  He presented his speech naturally, calmly and with authority. Another important feature which I noticed with this speech was its length. His speech lasted for less half an hour. Lastly, this youth speaker was uniquely nice and polite in answering the various questions from his audience.

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Based on the first post, a good speech entails vast information on the topic. The information should also be well researched and factual. Use of visuals such as pictures and graph can also be important component. Use of clear examples is also important in delivering a good speech. In addition, Involvement of the audience is vital.

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Involvement of the audience makes the speech enjoyable. Use of language understandable to all the audience is important. Telling jokes is significant as it relieves anxiety and tension among the audience. A perfect speech is also characterized by clarity, confidence and adequate preparedness. Therefore, maintaining eye contact with the audience is vital.  

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Public speaking skills will assist me virtually in all aspects of my life. Whether I will be discussing the buying of a home, building a fence with my neighbor or advising my kids, public speaking skill will be vital.  My negotiations skills will thus increase Public speaking skills is one of the important ways that will enable me to perform better in college and my further studies. Public speaking skills will also boost my performance not only in school but also in all spheres of life-at the office, home and life in general. As such, I will be in a position to make a difference in my community, business, country and the world. It is generally a powerful avenue to give myself and to share to those around me. It will fine tune my daily verbal and non verbal communication skills. Importantly, public speaking will allow being comfortable around people allowing to make more friends.

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Public speaking courses are very vital. Its importance ranges from delivery of good speeches to everyday life experiences. Speaking and effective handling people are all fruits of public speaking course. It allows one to feel free and comfortable around people. This is especially important in maintaining of customers in businesses ventures and other fields of life.

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