Law Enforcements Emergency Response to Terrorism


The act of terrorism has been a major concern of the world in recent years. The threats and effects go far beyond to future times and generations and this has led to the developemts of anti terrorism intelligence agencies, military, police, fire squadrons and medical  units in all countries facing such threats, to prevent, curb, for hostage rescues, reaction to on going attacks  to save the public and the state against further terrorist attacks. The main duties of these units are to fully impliment and enforce the federal anti terrorism and other criminal laws without favor of race, age, tribe and sex, to ensure that there is adequate safety to citizensto against terror killings.

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Emergency Response to Terrorism

1)      Intelligence, Military and Police responses

The combination of these three units under the guidance of department of defence and security, work together to collect intelligence information about possible terrorism threat and uses these information to prevent the occurences as well as reaction to the on going attacks (Moghaddam & Marsella 2004). They protect the borders, airspace and seaports from entry by any terrorist groups (Haveman & Shatz, 2006).   The forces achieve this by isolation, securing and creation of control areas to be used as source of command during the operation. Information regarding the number of casualties, damages and events are gathered and communicated to the command posts who further relay this information to the medical teams and hospitals to handle the injuries. While carrying out this operattions, the law enforcement agencies needs to adhere to self protective measures to minimize further injuries and exposure of the personnel to danger.The court is also another law enforcement agency that gives both the accused and the accussor equal opportunity to be heard, represented and receive justice based on the evidences.

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These teams also enforce the traffic controls by errecting barricades to bar the public from the terrorist scenes, screen any suspected terrorists and to source and lead information to reprimand the suspects including their source of command. The evidences collected both in photos and diagrams must be preserved for prosecution. The best way to administer justice to the victims is to ensure that those responsible for the attack are held accountable either by conviction in court of law (Moghaddam & Marsella 2004: Holy Bible, Proverbs 21:3 NKJV).

2)      Medical Emergency Responses.

Major terrorist attacks involve blasts and explosions that inflict servere injuries and even death to the victims. It is therefore imparative to have emergency medical attention to the surviving victims that include instigating mass casualty procedures, evaluating casualty gathering points by use of ambulances for the seriouly injured, treatment areas and patient’s decontamination sites that are timely administered to prevent further deaths (Moghaddam & Marsella 2004).The medical teams are required to protect the evidences collected and communicate them to relevant authorities. Isolation and wearing protective devices are key to effective treatment and controlling spread in cases regarding radiological, biological and chemical weapon attacks like Anthrax, T2 Mycotoxins among others (Haveman & Shatz, 2006).  

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3)      Fire Response

The fire squadron works in a unified command with the millitary and the medical team in putting off fires, evacuation and rescue of burn victims caused from gas and electricity, ignited by explosions or even malicious terrorists contamination of gas circulated to homesteads and areas of mass gatherings with the ability to cause massive deaths. The immediate response leads to reduced damages.

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