The Pursuit of Happiness


The Pursuit of Happiness is a movie that evolves through the life and  struggles of a young Black American man known as Chris Gardner a role that portrayed by Will Smith. The movie portrays the struggle Chris went through in order to become the most successful individual in America; this is when he came from the point of being a street broker to the point of forming his own multi-million dollar brokerage firm, this was as a result of his struggle and perseverance in order to achieve the kind of life admired. The movie is used to highlight and demonstrates some of the challenges the afro Americans men which symbolizes (Men) go through in order to realize their dreams, thus achieving the better life that they yearn to offer to their families.

What ethnic groups are involved?

The dominant ethnical group that is highlighted and portrayed in the movie is the Afro American ethnical group. This is clearly demonstrated in the movie when the movie has portrayed the challenges and obstacles that Chris and his son went through in order to achieve the kind of comfortable life that each man in the world would want to offer to his family. The movie has demonstrated the struggle of Chris Gardener from being a broker, who juggled between selling scanners and attachment with the Glide Memorial United Methodist Church. At the same time he struggled to offer his son the best kind of parental care that he would afford to offer him (Muccino, 2006).

The movie has also portrayed the different ways in which the Afro Americans have tried to mingle with the European citizens; thus ensuring that they are well accepted and collaborate with each other in the country. This ensured that the people were in the position of making it in the society; the people in film are in the position of making it in the society. This would ensure that these different ethical groups are successful ensuring success amongst the different communities that lives together in the country.

Is the movie insightful or stereotypical?

The movie is insightful; this is because the movie highlights on the plight and struggle of Man as portrayed by Chris, in order to succeed in the life that they are living. The movie has concentrated on the struggle that Chris goes through in attempts aimed at achieving the pleasant life that he wanted to offer to his family (Muccino, 2006). The other reason that has made me realize the movie as an insightful movie as it shows the difficulties that every man in the world is trying to achieve in the place that they live in, this is exclusively shown in the movie when the wife of Chris Linda Gardener leaves him with their five year old son Christopher Gardener Jr for New York as a result of Chris not being in a position of not offering the best kind of family care that care that she deserved to be offered by him. In this case Chris had to juggle between the duties of caring for his child while at the same time looking for a desirable job that would ensure that he is in a position of offering the son with the comfortable life he wished to offer to his family a thing he finally achieved as depicted in the movie.

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The other reason is when Chris indulged in some actions that are regarded as uncivilized; in attempts aimed at ensuring that he is in a position of achieving what he wants and also reducing chances of him being perceived as a very unreliable. This is expressed in the movie when he ran from the cub that he had initially boarded as a result of lucking fare that he would pay the cub driver once he had reached his destination; this cost him because he lost one of his scanners that he relied on as a source of income (Muccino, 2006).

How so?

The  reason why I think the movie is Insightful, as I had expressed earlier in the paper is because of some of these outstanding events in the movie that indicates some of the challenges  Chris goes through. The first incident is when Chris and his son were neglected by his wife as a result of his failure to provide according to her expectation.

The other insightful factor is when Chris and his son had to live in the street and at some point in the bathroom as a result of not being in the position of paying the house rent resulting to them being kicked out of their house; this was a challenging moment for the two (Muccino, 2006). In this case Chris was used to symbolize the plight of each man regardless of the ethnical background, thus it ensured that each man passes through the same difficulties so as to be able to achieve the good life that they strive at achieving in the end.

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What did you learn by viewing the movie though the communication perspective?

The movie is basically communicating a simple message to its viewers; it informs them that in order for one to be successful in life, one has to pass through a lot of challenges in order to reach a stage of developing oneself and learning through the hardship that he/she passes through. The movie openly states that life is a struggle and most individual go through some hardships before becoming successful in what ever they are doing as the case of Chris who became a multi-millionaire towards the end of the movie from being a broker (Muccino, 2006).

How do the concepts presented in the books apply?

The concepts in the movie implies on the hardship and perseverance that Chris Gardener went through in order to be the successful man towards the end of the movie. Therefore, the concept of persevering is portrayed in the movie and the book has also portrayed the different challenges that Chris went through in order to come up with the multi-million dollar brokerage firm (Muccino, 2006).

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