Violence Against Women

The movie is called “The Accused”. The main hero is Sarah Tobias a working-class woman who has experienced a brutal gang rape in a bar with a lot of witnesses, mostly men, who just looked and supported the rapists.

The situation in which the woman finds herself is humiliating. After the rape she goes to the hospital and gets all the necessary help in such cases. The nurse examines her, takes some tests and it is obvious the woman has been insulted.

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Was Sarah proposed to receive any physiological help after the rape? No. I think in that case the community has to provide such help and more help to the victims. In this movie there has been done none.

Sarah wants to scream about it to the whole world; she wants to punish the guilty ones but the existing system of justice enables her to do that. She is left all alone with her pain but eventually the district attorney helps her to prove at least the fact of being raped and the thing that she was not to blame for that. The movie showed us that the society would rather blame the woman and justify the offenders.

Here is the question. Why do people commit violent actions towards others: their relatives, children, neighbors, strangers… ? There is a “dark side” in each of us, but there must be some reasons when this “dark side” comes out. I think there might be several situations in which it may occur.

First, when a person is under the influence of some extra substances like alcohol or drugs. Second, some Force-Majeure circumstances like war, famine, riots and so on – when people realize that this is the time of chaos and no one will ever know about the nasty deeds they’ve done.

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In case of the violence towards women I think it is an eternal passion of weak men to show their power over the women, when they realize, consciously or unconsciously that the women they deal with are stronger morally then they are. There is the only difference on which women they show it – on their own wives, mothers, daughters, sisters or other strange women. The reason for this is only one – to show the man’s power and to self-affirm oneself in his own eyes.

Now let’s discuss some points of the nursery treatment in the movies “Juno” and “Precious”. I think in both of the movies nurses could have done much more than they actually did, especially in the movie “Juno” where the nurse sets herself aside of a pregnant teen. The purpose of health care workers in such a situation is to educate and inform the victims of the consequences that may occur, the possibilities of the support of them in the future and not to stay away in any case. In the movie “Precious” there is a kind-hearted nurse John McFadden, he feels for the girl and supports her not only morally but also financially. It is important for the survivors to get such help and support from strange people, especially if they have been suffered from their close people as we can see in this movie – the girl had been regularly raped by her father. How could that happen, that no one before had noticed the problems in the family: nor the teachers at school, nor the social workers, nor the nurses or doctors at the hospital when Precious gave birth to her first child. Health care workers are usually the first people whom the victims talk to, so it is important for the nurse to listen, to support, to give good advice, to tell about the possible healing and not judge ever. 

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The conclusion of all said above can be like that humans’ cruel indifference towards others is sometimes horrifying. A way out of it may be only one – to realize that any of us may appear in such or similar situation and show kindness, mercy and understanding. And if there is any chance to help someone – one must not hesitate in doing this.

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