Saying Thanks To My Ghosts

“Saying Thanks To My Ghosts” is an exciting short article written by Amy Tan about her life experience and the acquaintance with ghosts. The most interesting is that the author states that she did not actually believe and see ghosts. But, everything started from an innocent lie in her childhood.

The main idea of the article is that the author herself did not know that she had an unusual gift. She once told her mother that she did not want to go to bed, because there was a ghost in her bathroom. Everything started from here. Every time there were some movements or just a wind, Amy’s mother would ask her about the ghosts. Her mother was longing for her mother, son and a husband. Amy became a mediator between her mother and them. Despite Amy’s denial of having any talent, her mother still continued believing in an extraordinary gift of her child.

Eventually, Amy grew up and the world of fantasy with ghosts helped her to become a writer. She had an interesting life experience which she included in her writings. However, a miracle happened when Amy really saw a ghost of her mother. Her mother was like an angel for her, always directing her daughter in her life. Now, when Amy was a grown-up woman, she knew that ghosts helped her in her life. Finally, ghosts protected her and they will always be by her side.

I think that Amy’s life story is very psychological and philosophical. She is not a spirit medium, for sure, but she was made to think so. Her mother’s beliefs and strong faith in her child’s talent made her daughter unique indeed. Later, Amy liked the idea as well and started making her ghosts alive in her stories, using her imagination and colorful words. After her mother’s death, Amy was surprised because she saw a ghost. She was not afraid, because it was her mother, the same she knew in her childhood and maturity. It was her mother, full of love and faith in her daughter. She was happy, because she finally found peace. Knowing that, Amy is sure she is not alone, but with her ghosts. There is nothing bad to believe in something supernatural, especially if it does no harm to anybody.

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