Health Promotion

Major Values

Some of the major values considered in a community do not rely on the basics, although these are major factors nonetheless. Necessities in this sense mean state of health and economics in the neighborhood. Economic backing and proper community health go hand in hand because one is used to purchase the other. My community possesses both of these attributes.

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Major Strengths

Apart from this, it keeps a culture of minding the welfare of every member in the community especially the young and the elderly whereby everyone keeps a watch for each other. Most of the community elderly go through community programs that resemble home-based nursing. These are some concepts based on nursing because nurses’ care for their patients until they are able to care for themselves (Henderson, 2011). The community prides itself with a high concentration of medical personnel that act as advisors and sometimes helpers for the elderly in the society.

Needs of the community

 There is a need for more health institutions in the area that are more specialized. This reduces the need to travel to city hospitals, which require a lot of financial investment.

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Nursing and Assurance

The functions of public health outline the importance of the health status of a community. From this, assurance happens to be one of the top three functions. Assurance can come from a referral source, of which, the public clinic is the main referral source in a community (Jacobs et al., 2011). From here, people can confirm their health status and have regular checkups to ease their state of mind on health issues.


Eligibility for services of course relies on the initiative in place at the time. Public health national initiatives must reach the whole country (Canadian Public Health Association, 2010). In this case, the lowest point of healthcare provision is community focus groups, which are identifiable by a geographical boundary.

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Points of Improvement

In order to strengthen the impact of referral sources such as the public clinic it would be pertinent to improve on the drug supply chains and address the financial constraints of the economically challenged (Goudge, 2009). There are always a percentage of these problems in the community, which leaves room for improvement. The care providers composing of nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals need to engage with patients in a manner that strengthens the therapeutic impact of services offered to them.

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