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This is video demonstration on how to conduct spinal immobilization, specially filmed by the administration, to standardize how the skill should be performed and tested. The woman reads instructions and precautions on the correct way to backboard an injured athlete.  In ten minute man should show how to provide spine immobilization of injured patient. The test is held to check if man is able to provide spine immobilization on long board device with the help of his assistant. The person who plays the role of patient stays stable. To move patient to the device man can use help of his EMT assistant and instructor. The instructor is to value and evaluate the process of spine immobilization.

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 To conduct spine immobilization of a person you should use special immobilization device. So firstly, man checks and prepares all the needed equipment. Man checks whether the patient’s head is in proper position. Than he checks if the pulse on patient’s hands is present and whether the man feels his fingers properly, after that, he does the same with legs and toes. After he measures the patient’s neck and fits it into cervical collar.  Than the man and his assistant take patient’s heap and knee, crossing their arms, and on count 3 they turn patient on his left side. After that, the man takes special immobilization device and they slowly put patient on his back on special device and “move the patient towards the top of board” to fit him. The man pads patient’s head and applies three stripes – one on the chest, the second stripe should be buckled across the first one and the third across patient’s knees. Than the man secures patient’s forehead, chin and hands. After that student checks patient’s pulse and whether the patient feels his fingers and toes properly.

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As this video is to standardize how the skill should be performed and tested, in the very beginning I’d like to see instructor’s comments on this way to immobilize injured athlete, because it would make the video clearer not only for students and people who are preparing to provide long spine board immobilization but also for their instructors and people who are going to test and assess such skills.

What I dislike about the video is that man does not make enough comments on checking and preparing equipment, (he comments only on checking the buckles) and does not demonstrate it, so the person who watches the demonstration cannot get all the needed information about what he or she needs to immobilize injured athlete. I would like short summary to be in the end of video, so the instructor would show student’s actions one more time and comment on what was correct or incorrect.

Unfortunately, the camera was not close to the patient and not all his actions were clear and some comments were barely heard. It would be great, if there were an additional camera. In such a case, we would be able to observe all the process of long spine board immobilization from different sides, so it would be easier to understand what is done with an injured patient.

As this video is to standardize how the skill should be performed and tested, I would like to know the criteria of correct long spine board immobilization.

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From the video I watched I would like to know if it is possible to step over the patient or is it taboo (as it was done by the man on 5 minute 32 seconds).


This video really shows how long spine board immobilization should be performed. But what concerns testing skills of immobilization, I would like to watch more about instructions, criteria and comments.

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