Crosby Manufacturing Corporation

Synopsis of the Case

Livingston’s selection of Tim Emary as project manager of the management cost and control system project has both advantages and disadvantages. This choice would cost the company more than if a manager from the existing employees were selected. It is also hard to decide if the characteristics the candidate attributes to himself are accurate. No individual will volunteer negative information about himself or herself. This can provide problems in establishing the true characteristics of potential employees. A move like this will also destroy the motivation for other members of staff to aim at promotions. It can be an especially tense situation, if the director had not even consulted them about such a decision or informed them of his intentions (Kerzner, 2009).

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Livingston’s Selection of Emary as the Project Manager

The new manager will need some time to acclimatize himself with the systems of the company. The existing staff, who may view him as an impostor, may not readily receive his views and opinions. Alternatively, a new manager brings fresh ideas with him. He is unfamiliar with office politics and may not feel beholden to his seniors, yet. Thus, he can pursue new renovations with uncharacteristic fervor. In hiring a qualified person, the company also saves on expenses that would be spent for training a new individual (Kerzner, 2009). The selection of an outsider will also cause less tumult among the upper echelons, than if one of them is selected to fill the post. They may all have the qualifications necessary to fill the post. Therefore, the prospect of one among them being promoted will cause Companies that decide on outsiders for their top positions are also likely to increase due to the prevailing economic circumstances. The new people that come view the company as a modern institution that is serious in diversifying its staff, while the company itself benefits due to the miscellany of different talents.

Reaction of Functional Employees to Emary as the New Project Manager

Livingston’s decision may cause employees to feel that they are unrecognized and underestimated. The selection of outsiders for top positions in a company can cause energized employees to feel that there exist too few expansion and development prospects. Hard working members of staff remain with companies because they want to develop further than their current position. They also want to add to the knowledge they possess. If they feel uncontested in a certain job position, or even perceive that their directors do not seem to assess their carrier growth critically, they will search for institutions that embody these characteristics.

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It is probable that employees will not accept the decisions and suggestions of the new project manager easily. However, well considered proposals that are founded on sound logic and are bent on creating verifiable enhancement are usually accorded without concern. The staff may also doubt the capabilities of the new manager in delivering the goals that are required of his position. Passivity of a new manager can be harshly judged in such a situation. Employees are also likely to keep the new employee under observation, comparing his working mannerisms and achievements with those of his predecessor. It is, therefore, advisable for him to be highly committed to work.

Rumors are another possible outcome of the change in management positions. The support staff of companies is accustomed to planning trips for the management, arranging meetings, and making phone calls for them - all without the benefit of knowing the importance of these activities they are doing. It is natural for them to speculate on each of their assigned tasks. Rumors should not be allowed to grow in importance so that they overshadow the work being done. When the new executive does not take the rumor seriously and even laughs about it, he quells speculations about its authenticity. He also allows the attention of the workers to refocus on what is paramount - work to be done.

Impact of Cost and Time Constraints

Project management benefits from better control techniques that handle immense records of data and observe targets. Cost and time constraints will work against the acquisition of facts for decision-making. They also discourage emphasis on methods to determine work force, material, and capital requirements. A structure for reporting information cannot be formed if constraints do not allow the regular meeting of management and employees. Interdependencies of various goings-on cannot be identified if time constraints do not allow the workforce and management to meet in order to discuss such factors. Risk analyses as well as exercises in brainstorming on how to meet the goals of the company are other areas that suffer due to lack of sufficient time.

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Constraints that Compromise the Project’s Performance Quality

Fewer buyers for goods and services, as well as the rising expenditure required to manufacture products, are some of the challenges that can affect a project’s performance quality. While some companies take time to stand the storm hoping for higher yields in the future, many have to reduce large numbers of their employees (Kerzner, 2009). Some of those reduced are experts in their workstations. This can result in a lowering of standards of products produced by the company. However, institutions that execute the theory of constraints find that they survive even the harsh economic times. The theory states that when a system is difficult to explain, it is easier to put into practice. It also poses that if two explanations of areas under discussion are inconsistent, then one or both of them are wrong. This theory lastly expounds that there are reasons for irrational behavior exhibited by people, even if it is not immediately clear. This theory can retrieve companies from stalemate situations and send them back to realizing profits. 

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