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 Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet

The Internet is considered to be an integral part of the modern world. People have a difference of opinion on the necessity of the Internet. Some of them firmly believe that it is what they need due to the access to social media, news, e-libraries, etc. The others stick to the drawbacks and the idea that the Internet causes more harm than brings good. Who is right then? Frankly speaking, the Internet is a double-edged sword and has both positive and negative impacts on the world. I will keep my opinions to myself and be objective while presenting advantages and disadvantages of the Internet.

First and foremost, most of us use the Internet as a means of communication. The development of social media networks has stimulated our connections, and it became much easier to communicate with a person who lives overseas. Messaging applications, as well as electronic mail, substituted handwritten letters, and now you neither need to wait days or weeks to receive a letter nor be afraid that the letter would be lost. Long-distance calls also fade from the memory. In the modern world, people conduct meetings via video chats and rarely travel to communicate. Everything this has turned our world into one small community or, in other words, into one global village. Even e-commerce appeared, and now you just need to click on the right button to buy some goods from abroad.

Second, the Internet has become a bigger source for studying material than an on-campus library. It is easier for researchers and students to find valuable and accurate information in their field of study. What is more, as far as people all over the globe have the access to the global network, you can be sure that this information is up-to-date. With the regard to these advanced methodologies, the solutions to global issues that overwhelmed the minds for many years became easier to find.

Nonetheless, the number of disadvantages is quite stupendous. First of all, a new wave of criminal activities was stimulated by the Internet. New types of crime came into sight, namely cybercrime. To it belongs identity theft, stealing bank details, or hacking of personal information. Nowadays, more and more people claim that they became victims of online money scamming schemes. What is more, it brings about the loss of trust and bankruptcy.  

Furthermore, the Internet has given a push for the decline of moral values. It promotes nudity, drug abuse, pornography, and prostitution. The younger generation spends much time online and as a result willingly or unwillingly undergoes influence of these notions. Moreover, the amount of time spent on the Internet increases with the help of online games or just the simplest surfing. This results in personal stagnation and moral decay.

Leaving no stone unturned, the Internet has both benefits and drawbacks. It spreads the channel of communication between people from each corner of the world. The access to information we have now might be considered both positive and negative as far as it also leads to unlimited time spent online if not controlled properly. Be very careful in order not to become a victim of the modern technologies.

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