Educational System

All the things in our ever changing world need updates. Anyone can easily see the difference between a car designed in the early 1960s and the one designed in 2010 as it evidently shows the changes in power, shape, design and facilities. Human beings need to change with time, too, in order to survive in this world full of competition. However, unluckily, our educational system is still old fashioned. It is obvious that although people are acquiring professional degrees, they do not develop as human beings, and their education does not benefit them in a way it should.

Classrooms Need Changes

The main reason of it is that there are no frequent enough introductions of technological innovations in educational institutions. Our educational system is creating human robots instead of developing people who design robots. It would be great if technologies were implemented in the educational system in order to attain the newest knowledge and to provide students with an opportunity to seek constant growth in their ability to innovate. To successfully adopt technologies in educational institutions, various educational stakeholders should focus on the idea of increased use of technology in the educational field.

Making Technologies More Accessible

Technologies should be introduced in the infrastructure of educational institutions. This includes making study resources in institute premises virtually accessible. Besides, there should be created a connectivity between resources and classroom so that the students have an opportunity to easily use the required material. Additionally, technology should be used in evaluating the learning process. Modern software is already available for this purpose.

Motivating Students

The use of modern technologies will provide students with motivation to devote more time to the learning process as it will provide them with virtual and portable experience.

Now, the main obstacle in the way of adopting technology in the educational field is the resistance from the teachers who are convinced that with the use of technology, their skills and knowledge will become redundant. However, in reality, with the introduction of technology, the teachers’ role will become clearer and they will provide more focused guidance to students.

To make a conclusion, big stakeholders of education should stop resisting the change in the educational process and should better introduce technology in this field as it is very important for the development of the educational system.


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