Tips and Tricks on how to Make a Perfect Essay Cover Page

This article aims to ruin the myth that your essay cover page does not matter. Your essay cover page plays a crucial role in your essay. It is the first thing your readers will look at and depending on it they will make a decision whether to go on reading or not. A well-written, properly formatted, and concise cover page will catch your professor's attention and will declare that you respect him. However, we know that many students do not pay attention to their cover pages because of the lack of time. However, we highly encourage you to read this short article on how to make your essay cover page readable and attractive in a few minutes.

Although your essay cover page format depends on whether you use APA, MLA, or Chicago styles, each cover page should include:

  • Your first and second name
  • Deadline date
  • Title of the essay should be concise and follow the proper font and font size
  • Course\class name
  • Professor's name

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Start your writing from the right side of the left margin to make you cover page is readable. Besides, select the proper font and font size. We highly recommend you to use Times New Roman, 12, if you do not have any specific professor's instruction on it.

Let us review some particular items on how your essay cover page should look like in each of these writing styles: APA, MLA, and Chicago.


APA style is trendy at most universities. You should follow the same points, which we have mentioned above: name, surname, paper's title, and institution name. One more specific item - be sure that your head title does not repeat your running head. The last one should specify your topic in-depth whereas your head title should declare your issue in general and be 50 symbols maximum. Do not use any page numbers on your essay cover page.


MLA and APA styles have a lot in common. However, there are some peculiarities of the MLA essay cover page, which we want to reveal right now. You will be surprised that MLA does not have any cover page at all. Instead, there is the first page where you should note personal information (name, surname), professor and class name, write deadline date, headline and, finally, the rest of the text. Therefore, you can concentrate on the main body of your paper.

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Chicago is less popular than the previous two styles. Usually, it is mostly used for particular classes and subjects. In addition, it can be varied and depends a lot on professor's requirements. Here are the most crucial points, which each Chicago essay cover page should include or exclude:

  • There are no page numbers
  • Use the rule of "one third down the page" to start your writing
  • Ensure that you use proper fonts and font size (usually we use Times New Roman, 12)
  • The entire text should be double-spaced and centered
  • Name, surname, the name of class and institution, professor's name, and date.

Although all these steps are simple, many students cannot cope with formatting their papers. In this case, try to follow these tips on how to write an essay cover page in a few minutes and check your professor's requirements or institution’s guide on styles and formats.


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