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How to Write Letter of Incident Report?

An incident report is a formal document, which serves as a mean of analyzing an incident and providing recommendations for dealing with problems as well as preventing their occurrence in the future. Apart from different formats that each institution may have to fill out a report, there are some basic points included in any incident report writing. Make sure you know how to accomplish the task clearly, accordingly, and without missing the most important facts.

Obligatory Information for a Letter of Incident Report

  • Start your report with the name of a person, organization, company it is addressed to, followed by the date, title, and type of incident.
  • Move on filling out Participants & Witnesses and Time & Location sections. To write this kind of introductory part, it is advised to thoroughly prepare for the writing process in advance. Gather and record all the useful information that would help you to write a detailed incident report like names of committers, employees and witnesses, position titles, departments, specific location and accurate time of an incident.
  • Your main body part of a letter of incident report will have to define and describe the sequence of events in a detailed manner. In Preconditions & Consequences section mention a reason(s) of an incident, events and actions involved in a situation, how an incident was resolved and events following an incident. Provide the information concerning all the possible injuries, types of treatment, medical statements, damage to property and etc. The description of events should be consistent, precise, clear and concise. Include only trustworthy facts, avoiding subjective comment about what’s happened.
  • In a conclusive part your main objective is to analyze the cause of an incident and recommend some reasonable preventative activities that would maintain a well-coordinated work and would train employees to avoid unpleasant situations in the future. Description of Taken Measures section is aimed at eliminating inappropriate behavior, hazardous conditions or any other cause of an incident by conducting immediate corrective actions.
  • At the end of your incident report, state the name of a person an incident was reported by, position, telephone number, e-mail address and signature.

Before submitting your incident report, check on the accuracy of all the provided facts, its coherence, and absence of mistakes.


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