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Medical care and for that matter proper medical care is essential for all persons. The government has put in place several measures to ensure that all the people in this country get easy access to proper medical care. Some of the vulnerable groups in the society that need extra care include the aged, expectant mothers and children.

It is important for the young ones to have regular medical checkups and follow ups to ensure that they are in the right direction health wise as they grow up. Some f the marginalized children include those that come from broken family including the orphans who have to go through numerous homes in their lifetime.

Medical homes have thus been set up all across the country to ensure all children access proper and prompt medical services. These homes have been around since the 1960's and these were essential central areas where the full medical records of a child's pediatric records were kept. This was important because of the constant follow ups that are needed especially by children with special health care needs.

Most of the children who move from one foster home to the other frequent different health facilities thus they lack centralized records and that is where the medical homes come in. Proper records do guarantee that children get the best medical care from the best doctors including follow ups in the future for diseases like diabetes, obesity and asthma which more often than not 95% of the cases end up not being followed by a medical home.

These medical lapses can progress to more serious conditions and the need for long periods of hospitalization that could have been otherwise prevented. Foster parents are therefore urged to ensure that they voluntarily take children to their respective medical homes when in need of medical care for the overall promotion of better healthcare for all children.

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