Introduction and Summary of Career Path

James is currently working at 24 hour Fitness as a personal trainer and manager. He got his Bachelors and Masters Degree at Feresno State University with a Kinesiology major and specialization in Exercise Science. After his Masters, he started teaching at Feresno State as a laboratory instructor for about two years. After that, he moved on to professional track athletics for training for about 8 years, and also coaching in high school for 2 years. Overall, James has about 14 years experience in sport field. He got pretty good experience during all his profession. After he got a job offer with the 24 Hour Fitness as a manager and personal trainer, he moved from Fresno to San Jose, where he is currently working. James’ main responsibility at the gym is to: provide services to members and guest; enroll new member every month to the club; help other personal trainers start a good business goal and hiring new people for club, and make sure that the club meets the stipulated standard in terms of new members.

James’ most challenging job is getting personal trainers to listen to him in terms of training and Customer service. The most enjoyable aspect of his job is to see people meet their goals, in terms of losing weight and seeing them get motivated for regular exercising. Also, his least enjoyable job is focusing on the extent of the business outcome. James’ advice to all is that learning about exercises and getting personal training certification are all paramount. James’ favorite sport is Basketball and tracking field. He also enjoys watching all sorts of games.

Personal Reflection

I have known James for about two years, since I attended his boot camp class at 24 hour fitness. He is really an active person in the gym and tries hard to help people use training equipment correctly. His enthusiasm caught my eye so that I decided to interview him. After my interview with him at a gym, I was more impressed because I found that he had taken the same major with me. His 14 years experience also impressed me. At the moment, he is doing 120 miles run weekly. Therefore, after my interview with James, I felt that I can reach his level. He also encouraged me to get my certificate as soon as possible, so that I can start working at the gym as soon as possible and earn better money.

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The method that are used to collect the data on the topic at hand, is interviewing. This involves, physically or actually engaging the interviewee who in this case happens to be the 24 Hour Fitness manager and chief instructor by the name of James. In this case, a list of pertinent questions was enlisted to be fielded during the interview. From this juncture, it behooved the interview (the person who happens to field the questions- who happens to be me), to contact the putative interviewee, so that the interviewer is able to book a date with the interviewee.

Booking a date with the interviewee will be very important, given that it will inform the interviewee on the topic at hand, thereby making him privy to the topic that is to be discussed, and the questions that he is to answer. To get to contact the interviewer, it was necessary to go through the subscriber’s trunk dialing directory, and to choose the most dynamic and reputable organisation that deals in fitness and health services. It is against this backdrop that the 24 Hour Fitness Club was chosen for the interview. On placing the call to the 24 Hour Fitness and the secretary taking the phone, it became necessary to ask the necessary to allow me to get through to the manager.  It is at this juncture that I was able to secure the appointment with the manager.

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James remains the most legible and resourceful person to be interviewed, given that he has an authority in matters of health and fitness science. The authority that James possesses is underscored by the fact that he has a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Kinesiology and Exercise Science, respectively. At the same time, he has good experience in the matter at hand, given that he has been managing the 24 Hour Fitness and according clients with instructional services on those who are using the fitness club’s facilities and equipment.

The questions that were to be asked were: the extent of his authority in matters related to health and fitness; the importance of health and fitness in day-to-day living; the challenges that the interviewee faces in his career; the things he likes most about the career; the setbacks he encounters in the career and thereby denudating his interests in some of his job descriptions; what his job description entails in totality; and what he would give the interviewer and the world out there as advice.  These topics are relatable to works by Blair and his protégés (2009).

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The responses that were given by the interviewee were clear, precise and helpful. He maintained that he loved being in the fitness and health industry because it was his passion and not just an artifice to financial stability. At the same time, the only task that James saw as the lowest and bothersome part of his job description was accounting for the financial gains that the company 24 Hour Fitness had received. Among the highs of the training, fitness and health work, James maintained that seeing people become conscious of healthy living and start to improve their health was paramount.

Comparing and Contrasting Information from the Original Research to the Responses from the Interviewee

It is important to note that there is strong sense of correlation between the information issued by the interviewee, Mr. James, and the already gathered data which had been acquired before the interview. The difference is seen in the fact that while that of Mr. James as the interviewee is primary data, the data that had been gathered relied on secondary sources of information, given that the sources of data acquired and used in the research had already been penned down as a result of prior research which had been conducted by the authors. To the effect of the same, it is a fact that the interview carried out on Mr. James was more flexible, marked with ease, candidness and personal touch.

This is because, given that the interviewee was within my behest, it became very easy to flexibly modify the topic of discussion and to moderate the questions and interaction in a way that would be conducive for the extraction of the most voluminous and helpful information. For instance, when speaking about the reason for his love for the career (health and fitness) he is in, the emotional elements that Mr. James unwittingly emanates act as paralinguistic features that legitimize his claims. On the other hand, secondary sources of data are devoid of all these features.

The aspect of similarity is also known to characterize the investigative task that is under discussion. In the first instance, it is important to note that both the information collected from the research and its counterpart collected from the interview are in total agreement of the importance of living a healthy and physically fit lifestyle. As such, both sources agree on the need to eschew sedentary lifestyles, junk food, sugar, cholesterol, caffeine, refined foods and too much salt. At the same time, both sources act as clarion calls for the embracing of health consciousness and the need to keep physically fit. In this regard, it is important to note that virtually all of the main standpoints seem to totally marry. While the written articles and books on the same subject proscribe smoking, heavy drinking and the habitual consumption of junk food, Mr. James also agrees on the same and makes reiteration of the need to take natural food for whole meal or balanced diet (Caspersen and Powell, 2005).


Therefore, it is a fact beyond gainsay that healthy living and physical fitness are all matters that are totally paramount to the realization of good life. As is already divulged upon clearly by both Mr. James and the literary materials, it gets easier to see that working hard at physical fitness and healthy living is a value which surpasses age, gender and personal opinion. At the same time, it becomes important to note that people, especially Americans are in need of changing their mindset, as far healthy living is concerned (Scott, Hoekstra and West, 2010).

As Bouchard (2000) argues, greater extent of the American population is too much embroiled in the Macdonald and the Remote Control Cultures. Particularly, the US should desist from overbalance of the ready made and seek to work on the physically dexterous. Similarly the television culture that the American youth is trapped in ought to be discouraged. The average youth in America is increasingly becoming a couch potato, with the greater part of the time being spent on watching TV and other forms of entertainment which take a sedentary form (Pate, et al., 2005).

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