American Ideology

We are said to live in the most democratic country in the world. However, is it really so? What if we just live under the illusion of the democratic society? What if democracy is just a fake? Isn’t it high time to debunk some misconceptions about American democracy?

Undoubtedly, the whole idea of democracy is about the rule of people, the so-called citizenry of the country. In reality, the most important decisions are made by experts and authorities. They dictate us what party to choose, what channel to watch, what newspaper to read. They skillfully shape our opinions through various media. They stealthily mold our views and attitudes, and we do not even notice their tremendous influence on our decision-making process.

The most striking illusion is that of choice. We are believed to be masters of our lives, while initially we are provided with ready-made solutions to choose from, without even thinking that there might be some other options. We opt for something that has already been selected by a group of rich people who control and manipulate the country and protect their vested interests. On the surface, our ideology looks rather attractive. Indeed, we live in the most prosperous country in the world. It provides immense opportunities for both Americans and those who come to the country in pursuit of the American Dream. Our country is believed to be the country of freedom and equality. In fact, our lives are strictly regulated and limited and we are constantly striving to reach certain standards imposed on us.

Undoubtedly, there have always been dissidents, rebels who have tried to change something. However, their activity and the degree of dissidence have always been controlled and they have always been just an inseparable part of the “big game”, which is called “American Ideology”.

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