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U.S. History Since 1965


During the early 1900s, consecutive events took place like a string which shaped the global affairs in years to come. After the First World War, the world was just recovering from the after effects. This string of events is generally known as historic time line. In the US, this timeline holds a great deal of importance since these events were shaping up what was about to become the next super power of the planet.

March 4, 1921 - Harding first address

Lying ahead was the year 1921 when Warren Harding took oath as the 29th US president in the year 1921 and immediately after holding the office; he signs peace resolution between Austria and Germany. This was in the context of the First World War which ended a few years ago.

European economy was not in a good shape at the time therefore it was important for America to cooperate both politically and economically. Just after two years, in 1923, the sudden death of President Harding leaves the country in shock

March 4, 1925 - Coolidge inaugural address:

Coolidge is nominated as the president for the second time in 1925, in the mean time; a law is passed by Tennessee which prohibits teaching the theory of evolution in public schools which later became famous as Scopes Monkey Trial. Certain areas criticized the law and regarded it as a barricade in modern education and enlightenment of American children. They also demanded that religion and education must be kept apart.


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May 21, 1927 - First transatlantic flight:

In the mean time, a historic milestone too place in 1927 when the first solo transatlantic flight is conducted by the famous aviator Charles Lindbergh marking a milestone in modern aviation. His achievement is seen and praised throughout the global media. He marked this historic advent in his plane, The Spirit of Saint Louis. 

March 4, 1929 - Herbert Hoover inaugural address:

After presidential election held in the US in the year 1929, Herbert Hoover was inaugurated as the 31st president of United States. Soon his leadership was put to the test when his arrival saw by some unprecedented economic events in US economic history which gave rise to the Great Depression in the 1930s.

December 7th, 1931 - Beginning of the Great Depression:

The trend witnessed several Stock Markets all over the US crashing frequently which indicated at a possible economic debacle in coming years, leaving new challenges for the newly arrived president. Despite harsh steps taken by the Hoover administration, there seemed to be no stopping from the inevitable crash that left hundreds committing suicide because of unemployment.

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March 3rd, 1931 - National Anthem changed:

A new change occurred in the selection of US national anthem which saw the induction of “Star Spangled Banner” as the new American national anthem replacing the ages old anthem in 1931. Symbolically, this also symbolically reflects a drift in US affairs that were about to take a new shape in coming years. This was welcomed by the people who were going through economic crisis.

December 9th, 1932 - First lady Senator selected:

In the state of Arkansas, the year 1932 saw first woman elected as the US senator by the name of Hattie Wyatt Caraway. Though she filled the vacancy that was emptied by the death of her husband, due to her performance, she is re-elected again in the next senate elections that were held in 1932 and then in 1938. This also marked the beginning of the feminist movement in US and Europe gaining momentum and there is no turning back since then. Women have since become active social as well as political members of US society and have contributed their share for the well being. This is an event which deserves to be called a historic change in the American political and social success story (Marsh, 2009).

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March 2nd, 1932 – the 20th Amendment Ratification:

The year 1933 saw a groundbreaking event of ratification of 20th amendment in the United States constitution which also known in the history as the infamous “Lame Duck Amendment”. Despite the initial interest generated in the amendment, it was later found to be just a date change in president’s inauguration from the 4th March to 20st of January. In the mean time, Franklyn Roosevelt is elected as the 32nd president of United States.

December 5th, 1933 – the 21st Amendment Ratification:

Congress allowed the New Deal recovery measures to be taken to ratify the 21st amendment in a gradual process throughout the country. This began in 1933  

August 14th, 1935 - Social Security Act:

Similarly, the decades of social and political changed continued as the year 1933, three major events including the approval of US Social Security Act, along with the development of Work Progress Administration. This year also marked the inauguration of Federal Bureau of Investigation or the FBI under Eder Hoover.

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March 4th, 1938 – Franklyn Roosevelt second term as president:

Not surprisingly, it was expected by then political pundits that Roosevelt may well become the president again and this proved to be the fact as 1937 elections saw Franklyn Roosevelt re-elected as the president of United States for the second time in a row Roosevelt had few accomplishments to his name (Marsh, 2009).

February 4th, 1938 - Fair Labor Standards Act:

The approval of Fair labor Standards Act in 1938 which saw the minimum wage standard of 25 cent per hour from there on.

September 1st, 1939 – The Second World War begins:

Unfortunately, it was all too soon for the Europeans despite they didn’t recover from the first World War debacle, another was awaiting for them as Germans were anxious to prove their superiority over the world and initiated the Second World War during 1939, a global conflict in which initially the United States announced its impartiality and refused any notion of participating in the mega conflict.

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January 20th, 1941 – Franklyn Roosevelt elected for third term:

During 1941 elections, an unprecedented event in US political history occurred as the third consecutive inauguration of Franklyn Roosevelt who remains the only president in the history to be elected for three consecutive terms.  US state of Hawaii as well as Guam was attacked by Japan, forcing the country to participate in the war.

December 7th, 1941- Japan attacked Pearl Harbor:

US declared war on Japan whereas Germany and her ally Italy declared war in the US. This marks US declaration on both countries thus making the US as the full fledge contributor in the World War2. With the inclusion of United States, the allied power increased many fold and they gained confidence to deal with Hitler and Mussolini and company with revived valor and courage. While on other fronts, U.S was busy handling Japan and others. The tables began to turn by 1942 when allied forces invaded the Northern Africa and after that they invaded France on the day known in history as the D-Day (Ross, 2009).

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January 20th, 1945 - Franklyn Roosevelt fourth term:

In the mean time, Franklyn Roosevelt elected as the president for the fourth time during 1945 elections since his policies gained immense popularity not only because of a popular policy endorsement for the World War 2 but his economic policies also paid off big time and saw a revival of U.S economy while the Europeans were going down the slump.  

December 16th, 1944 – Second World War ends:

The terrible war came to its conclusion in 1945 and by then, the victors Franklyn, Stalin and Churchill met in Yata, Russia to discuss the occupation of Germany after the war. After reaching a consensus, a measure to secure the future world from the horrors of a World War,

June 26th, 1945 – The United Nations formed:

United Nations is established with more than 100 members approving it in the year 1946. Back at home, both Senate and Congress strived hard for the approval of a new Presidential Succession Act which was approved in 1947 by Harry Truman.

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March 12th, 1947 – Marshall Plan for Europe:

Soon after, the Congress approved the Marshall plan which saw the recovery of war torn European countries. In the year 1948, Marshall Plan was approved which was aimed at aiding and helping out war torn European allies.

January 20th, 1949 – Harry Truman inaugural address

Truman got elected again after 1949 elections and soon after he took the office, the North Koreans were at mischief which was tackled by the Americans and allies during 1950-51. As a result, the Korean peninsula is divided in two parts being the North and South Korea (Ross, 2009).



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