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Personal Environmental History

In today's society, there seems to be a controversy over the value of the Earth and its resources. I personally value the Earth and all that it has given us. With the air we breathe, the land we live on, and the water we drink, the Earth provides for us with the essentials to sustain life.

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I feel that the Earth can be a great friend and sometimes a powerful destructive stranger. When we plant our vegetables and rely on the rain to assist in yielding good crops, we view the Earth as a friend. However, in times of tornadoes, earthquakes, or great floods we tend to view it as a distance destructive stranger. Incidents such as Hurricane Katrina and damages it did to New Orleans leave us feeling distant. While receiving enough rain to end a drought and provide a decent crop, it leaves us feel connected more closely in a personal way.

One of my personal experiences with Earth and with nature stands out more significantly than any other. One evening I was late for work due to the tremendous rain. In the short drive from my apartment to work, I managed to hydroplane total of three times. As I pulled in the parking lot desperately trying to find a spot, I found myself stuck behind a van that was not moving. I heard a low rumble as the wind whipped ferociously across my windshield. I turned my head to notice trash cans, umbrellas, shopping carts, and other small objects being blown across the parking lot. Though the visibility was slim, I was able to see a carport blowing my direction. The instant I noticed this, the carport struck by vehicle wrapping itself around my front fender and through my windshield. I had just enough time to duck down in my seat allowing the carport to miss my head by mere inches. I frantically jumped out of my vehicle and ran through the downpour into the safety of my work. As I entered the front doors, the lady that had been watching all this turned to me and asked if I had realized that I just ran through a tornado. Without a doubt that is the time when I was the closest with mother Earth and her awesome power. It gave me both a respect and fear of what she is capable of.

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It is my firm belief that very few people today take the Earth's resources seriously. Everyone seems to be so caught up in today's technological era so that we seem to that the Earth has an endless supply. Whether it concerns water, air, or the plants like trees, we seem to be doing more destruction and rejuvenation.

As far as water goes, I think that this massive oil boom is doing some bad things to our water supply. The human effects on the environments range from potentially hazardous waste that is getting run off and gets into streams and creeks and rivers being carried around to chemicals seeping into the ground and getting into our water system that way.

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If people would take time to appreciate Mother Nature and all that she does and provides, less and less incidents caused by man destroying nature would occur. People might actually take time out of their daily lives to stop and enjoy what has been given to us, allowing the sun, the air, the water, and the plants to acquire more of a friend status and less of a stranger status.

Throughout my life, I have been tested by nature and had been taught many things. Some of my memories are not really fond, but all of my memories are pieces of the giant puzzle that are put together the way I feel about Mother Earth. Given a chance to go back and relive these memories and experiences, I would not change a thing.

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