Relationship between Germany, Israel and Palestine

Since the beginning of Second World War and holocaust, there has been a deep rift between Germans and Israelis. Hitler hated them for his reasons, but the Allies thought of them as their own. But the demise of Hitler’s regime at the end of WW2 saw the rise of a new Germany. A new approach was embraced in political as well as global matters. However, the relationship between Germany and Israel has fluctuated our last few decades and has never been constant. Germany has endorsed Israel with friendly behavior but also supported Palestinians for their cause. (Peter, 2011)

Post WW2 era

After Hitler’s atrocities against German Jews that forced them to leave Germany and spread all over the world, we saw a Germany that seemed embarrassed towards its inhumane behavior against a minority that seemed harmless. Throughout the 50s and 60s, Germany endorsed an apology based policy which was welcomed by Israel, the newly born home of Jews. This was aided with Israeli stance over Palestine cause which saw critics to appreciate the new German initiative and was hoping for a historic relationship like never before however this remained a dream without fulfillment. (Halverson, 2011)

The 2009 Debacle

As per Dempsey, (2011) who mentioned in his article earlier, the relationship has been a seesaw ride for both nations over the years. Recently, under the chancellorship of Angela Merkel, Germany voted against Israel over Palestine controversy where it supported the Palestinian stance in many decades. This was historic because Germany has never done this before. Israelis have taken this as a serious move against their interest and called it a new drift between the two nations. Till recently, Germany stood firm on its decision of supporting Palestinian cause against Israel.

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