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Aggressive Children and Their Victims

The article I have chosen is Bullies and Their Victims: Understanding a Pervasive Problem in the Schools, by George M. Batsche & Howard M. Knoff published in 1994.The incidences of bullying in schools have been on the rise since 1973, and this has been the worry in many countries. The concern has emerged due to the fact that, bullying has emerged as being the most dominant kind of violence in most schools and the form that has a higher probability of affecting a very large number of students.

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Bully does not just emerge from nowhere; he/she develops gradually due to different causes. Most of them come from parents that prefer physical discipline, very hostile and ignorant, permissive or inconsistent parenting, poor skills of solving problems, revengeful, among other poor parenting skills. Bullies have characteristics. However, bullies themselves impulsive, dominant to others, and have no empathy. Most aggressive students are usually assumed that, they can only attain their goals through aggressive behaviors (Batsche & Knoff, 1994).

The article presents two types of articles, namely the passive and provocative victims. The chances of getting a passive and proactive victim is all equal, however, other researchers have differed with the conclusion. In addition, the only physical characterization that has a relation with victimization is physical strength, (National Institute of Education 1978).

Factors affecting bullying in schools include School variables and age, while bullying effects are avoidance, looking for self defense mechanisms among others. Though this have been the effects and factors, but the school response to bullying behaviors for long has been disappointing, school personnel have been responding very poorly, (Boulton, & Underwood, 1992). Though the studies that have been carried out on effects and programs of reducing bullying in school are few, but a reasonable number of them have released results that are limited, as well as anecdotal reports.

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I chose this article because it has clearly outlined all the parameters that relate to the topic ‘Aggressive Children and their Victims’. It has outlined the development of bullies, there characteristics and behaviors in details. It has also dealt with victims by classifying them, as well as explaining their traits. On top of this all, the article has tackled that trends that bullying has been taking since 1971, from different studies and show their findings. The article as also stated effects and causes of such behaviors, along with the responses of the concerned authorities.  In general, I chose this article because it systematically outline what ought to be included in my study topic.

The most interesting thing in this article is a set of recommended strategies along with components which can be very effective in controlling and preventing bullying in schools. If such like factors are followed effectively, then countries and schools will end the act of bullying. Such factors are promoting facts not myths about bullying, dispelling beliefs concerning aggressive actions, conducting school wide assessment of bullies, provision of counseling to both victims and bullies, developing codes of conduct, involving parents and guardians in programs of interventions, teachers and student’s evaluation, as well as implementation of intervention strategies. This is the most interesting part in this article, as it involves all the stake holders in the process of dealing with a problem, (Danziger, 2000).

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This information in this article contributes to existing psychology knowledge development in different ways. The provided definitions can be very helpful in the definition of bullying behaviors in a psychological point of view. In addition, the development and characteristics of bullies can be very instrumental in developing current psychological knowledge about the prevention as well as guiding bullies, and preventing bully development by eliminating factors that leads to bully behaviors. This can be done through the development of psychological theories as well as models concerning aggressive behaviors.

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