Atlas Air Worldwide

Proposed Research Topic: Identifying ways through which Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings can increase its revenues and profitability while at the same time cut down on costs of operation.


Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings (AAWW) is a leader in the international airfreight industry, utilizing a comprehensive global infrastructure and the best fleet of Boeing 747 freighter airplanes to provide world class services to the freight forwarding community, airline industry as well as commercial and military clients. Although this company has been very successful in its expansion plan, more needs to be done so that the company can sustain profits, reduce costs, and increase revenue despite the global recession. This fact highlights the importance of laying down a strategic plan that will ensure the company addresses these challenges. It is imperative to understand the vision and mission of AAWW form the platform on which the company can mitigate these challenges.

Strategic Plan

Strategic plan of this study is aimed at mitigating the aforementioned challenges in accordance with the company’s mission and vision statement, which is “to serve its freight customers with leading edge technology and innovative, value creating solutions that enables clients to realize their goals”.

Research Approach and Method

Qualitative research approach will be used to accomplish this strategic plan. Qualitative research is associated with the constructivist paradigm, which entails the collection, recording, and analyzing data in order to uncover the significance and deeper meaning of customer experience and behavior, including emotions, behaviors and contradictory beliefs. These attributes of this research approach will enable me to validate AAWW’s mission/ vision statement. Rather than basing my research on predetermined hypothesis, this research approach will allow me to clearly identify an issue or problem to explore.  This approach is more flexible than quantitative research approach because its mode of data collection and analysis is methodical. This approach will also allow me to collect data in textual form on the basis of interaction and observation of participants e.g. through focus groups, in-depth interviews and observations. The main advantage of this approach is that it allows the researcher to collect data at various stages rather than once. In fact, it allows the researcher to adapt the process continuously or carry on with the research until he or she becomes certain that no other issues are rising. The validation of the mission and value statements of this company will be achieved after the entire process of collecting, processing, and analyzing the data about this company is over.

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Sources of Data

A thorough analysis of both internal and external environments of this organization will help validate the mission and vision statements of AAWW. To achieve this, the following sources will be used in my research:

  1. The company’s website will be a very good source for retrieving information for this research because it contains valid and updated information about the company. The intension is to use the SWOT analysis tool to perform an internal environment analysis. Therefore, this website will provide enough information regarding the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats through its corporate background, history, news, events, and investment information.
  2.  In analyzing AAWW’s external environment, Cross & LeRoy’s book “The Legal Environment of Business: Text and Cases - Ethical, Regulatory, Global, and Corporate Issues” (2011, pp. 107-167) and Pearce & Robinson’s book “Strategic Management: Formulation, Implementation, and Control” (2010, pp. 134-167) will be good sources. This is because the PEST analysis tool will be employed when performing the external environment analysis of this firm.  This tool will be used to highlight the political, economic, socio-cultural, and technological characteristics of the environment in which a company operates. Cross and LeRoy as well as Pearce and Robinson have performed an outstanding research in analyzing these factors’ impact on a company’s operation.

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