Development Strategy for Haiti

Republic of Haiti is a country found in the Caribbean. It occupies an area of about 27 750 square kilometers. The official language of this country is French, and its capital city is Port-au-Prince. It was the first Latin American and Caribbean country to gain its independence in 1804. Economic analysts claim that this country is the poorest in the American continent, due to  the Human Development Index. This is mainly caused by political violence that is common in this country (Fukuyama 73). In addition to this, destructive earthquakes have also struck this country. In 2010, earthquake with magnitude of 7.0 struck Haiti and caused massive destruction to the Port-au-Prince. This earthquake destroyed the Presidential Palace, countless homes, businesses, and about 220000 people died. This essay focuses on the blueprint one would present to Haiti that focuses on a strategy that will ensure the country attains a permanent economic, social and democratic development plan.

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Haiti has weak economy. This is mainly because most of the people in this country depend on agricultural related industries for survival. Since most people depend on subsistent farming for survival, the farm products are affected by national disasters, such as earthquakes. In addition to this, high inflation rates affect this country, and this has pushed up the prices for food and fuel. According the World Bank, high corruption levels in 2006 affected the economy of this country. Lengthy business processes and custom procedures mainly caused this. If a businessperson wanted to register a property in this country, the whole registration process would require 683 days. The lengthy business processes favored cases of corruption in this country. Moreover, investigations in this country have revealed that the police and military are involved in illegal drug trades (Bethell 212). This country also depends on tourism for the earning of foreign exchange. However, due to political tensions in this country and poor infrastructure, the number of tourist in this country has been declining.

Haiti could consider adopting the following economic strategy, in order to improve the state of its economy. It should consider creating more job opportunities in this country, in order to reduce the high unemployment rates that are present in this country. Due to the few unemployment opportunities in this country, most skilled young people prefer looking for visas, in order to seek for employment in other countries, such as the United States. This further drains the economy of this country. It should also consider reconstructing the infrastructure of this country. Although donors have been donating funds for the construction of roads in this country, the maintenance of these roads from the government has been poor (Bethell 215). If infrastructure in this country is improved, trade opportunities in this country will also improve, since goods will be arriving at the market promptly. Furthermore, the increase in trading activities will also increase the employment opportunities in this country and help it earn foreign exchange, thus, boosting its economy. This country should also consider creating export zones. If this country locates many firms in a single place, the firms will save many costs and earn enormous benefits. This is because when companies concentrate in a single area, towns develop in this area, and, thus, these companies are able to enjoy the cheap labor and ready market for their production. Moreover, the government of Haiti should consider increasing electricity generation plants in this country. If it increases these plants, the cost of electricity in this country would be low, and, thus, many industries will view this country as a potential investment site. Haiti should consider computerizing its custom procedures, in order to reduce fraud and lengthy procedures in custom clearance.

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Haiti has several social problems. After the earthquake in 2010, about 730 000 people in this country were displaced, and they ended up living in camps. While living in these camps, these people faced challenges, such as floods that further displaced them, insecurity and infections from waterborne and airborne diseases. Due to these harsh conditions, they opted for migrating to Dominican Republic, and this illegal immigration caused them to have problems with the government of Dominican Republic. Haiti has high crime rates that are mainly caused by high levels of unemployment in this country (Enzo 115). In addition to this, level of kidnappings in this country is also extremely high. After the earthquakes, people who visited the victims affected by this earthquake were kidnapped, since the kidnappers felt that these people had money, since they were foreigners. Cases of gender violence are also high in this country. Most girls and women living in camps offer sex in exchange for food and security. This country also has poor healthcare facilities? and this has led to high mortality rates in this country. Cases of child trafficking and drug abuse are also quite common.

The government of Haiti can adopt the following social strategy, in order to improve the social condition in this country. It can consider improving the food security in this country, so that it is well prepared, in case of natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, etc. World Food Program has already started, adopting cash and food for work projects to support the rehabilitation of agriculture in this country. It should also launch programs, such as feeding people who live in camps, in order to reduce the gender violence that women and girls face. This is because some of the girls are told to trade food with sex. This country should also put measures that will help it protect itself from calamities, such as floods and earthquakes (Enzo 119). It should advise people leaving near the beach to vacate, since this area is prone to floods. Furthermore, it should advise people living near areas that are mostly hit by earthquakes to vacate and provide with land where these people would vacate. The Government of Haiti should also consider creating rehabilitation centers. High crime rates and drug abuse are common in this country, and if it creates these areas, the drug abusers will receive counseling, and, thus, they will change their behavior and become more productive in the society. It should also create more schools. Schools will create interaction among children of Haiti, and, thus, they will share ideas on how to improve the society of Haiti.

Haiti has lacked democracy for a long period. After the fall of the ruling of Duvalier, who was a dictator, the electoral commission held elections in this country in 1987, but the people were massacred, while in polling stations. In 1990, the people of Haiti voted for Jean-Bertrand Aristide, a Catholic priest, but he was overthrown by a military coup (Fukunyama 75). Investigations revealed that this coup had received support from CIA in the United States. Aristide had to remain in exile for three years.  In February 29, 2004, the United States Army, Canadian Army and France plotted for the removal of President Aristide from power, although people of Haiti elected him with a 90% vote. After people in Haiti had elected him with a 90% vote, the government of the United States under Clinton organized to cut off international aid in this country.

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The government of Haiti should adopt the following strategy, in order to develop democracy in this country. It should reform its judiciary sector. Since 1994, the government of Haiti has been trying to reform this sector, but it has not succeeded yet. If it reforms this sector, it will have courts of law that are functioning well, a state of law and equal justice for all people. By having the democracy, courts will have the power of supervising elections, and, thus, elections in this country would be free and fair. In addition to this, it should ensure that it reforms the state. By reforming the state, professional qualifications will become the main criteria for electing government officials. In addition to this, there will be the gender equality, where both men and women will have equal rights of being employed in state offices. In addition to this, it should ensure that it reforms the police in this country (Enzo 188). By reforming the police, they will have the responsibility of matching their authority with accountability. This will help to reduce the corruption, which is inherent in the police of this country. In addition to this, these reforms will help improve the channels of communication between the public and the police, and, thus, people of Haiti will have the right of expressing their opinion on criminal activities in this country.

To conclude, Haiti needs a strategy that will help it develop sustainable and permanent economic, social and democratic conditions in this country. Haiti has a weak economy, since most people rely on subsistence farming for income. It should create more job opportunities, and this will help increase employment levels, and thus, improving the economy of this country. Most people in Haiti face social problems, such as lack of housing, gender violence and lack of food, especially during natural calamities. The government of Haiti should consider increasing the food security in this country by seeking assistance from donors, such as World Food Program. Haiti faces democracy problems, since coups are common in this country, and, thus, people do not have the right of electing a leader of their choice. The government of Haiti should reform the judicial sector, so that it supervises the elections better, and promotes justice and equality in this country.

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