Summaries and Responses

Texting in class

According to Watters, more than three quarters of the self phone owners in the American market send and receive text messages.  She says that the younger generation are much more into texting compared to the others.  Between the ages 18-24 cellphone owners exchange an average of 109.5 messages per day.  This calls for a policy for cell phone usage to be developed clearly outlining acceptable rules. The phone come with additional features that will encourage texting in class such as vibration, silent mode and many others. this enables texting without distraction (Watters, 2011).

I find this article misleading in that it does not capture the bad side of texting in class.  I am not against texting in any manner. Texting is the modern way of passing information from one person to the other. It is cheap and convinient. Enough of the positives. As we all know, too much of something is  poisonous. Texting is addictive and can waste a lot of time for a student. When a person decides to text in class, they will never concentrate and will always get bad grades as a result.

Free Speech

 (Keita, para. 3) in the New York Times argues that the African economy is growing at a steady rate. This growth is also witnessed in press freedom whereby the press is being forced to shut up.  Journalists are being persecuted for reporting the truth on corruption matters, embezzlement of public finances, foreign investor’s activities and so on.  Press freedom is not in the agenda due to other pressing matters such as poverty reduction, stability and so on.  He continues to argue that press freedom has helped many countries in Africa immensely by relaying to the world the real issues affecting the people.

In my own view, freedom of expression and most importantly press freedom is a necessary ingredient to the development of any nation. Impunities against the people are revealed by the press. Denying people freedom of speech was a tactic used to shut up the people who fought for human rights.  Without the freedom of speech and expression, other fundamental rights would wither such as the right to vote. It is important to respect the press freedom as long as it does not infringe on other peoples freedoms (Because Freedom Cant Protect Itself, para. 5).

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Global Warming

(Stenquis.T, para. 6) in the New York Times argues that global warming is the most intricate issue that is facing the world so far.  He states that the scientists are enlightening the world about this. Its major cause is the greenhouse gas emissions which are related to human activity. This gas is a product of burnt forest or fossil fuels. Politics seem to take the day at global warming summits and little progress is made towards solving the problem at hand. The effects of global warming are already being felt in many parts of the world.

In my own unscientific judgment, I find this article very informative on the issue at hand. The planet we are in is dying a slow death as a result of our own selfish lifestyles. The world population should be controlled and sensitized on how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere. Family planning is the first step to protecting the planet. The more populated an area is, the higher the chances of producing large amounts of green house gases.

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According to (Miller, para. 1) says that all her children were educated in schools.  She says that her neighbours son shoes were stolen at knife point by other school kids. She believes that good manners should be taught at home by the parents and the elders sorrounding the child. Her childrens kindergaten teacher could tell a child who was brought up well. She believes that good manners should  be taught at home.

I tend to agree and disagree with this article. I believe that good manners should be taught both at home and in school. The reason is say this is because a child spends most of their time in school learning as compared to the time they spend at home. I believe charity begins at home. It is the parent’s responsibility to teach the child what is right and wrong from a tender age before they reach the age of schooling. This is where a child internalizes what is good and what is bad. It is the beginning of molding a socially responsible


(Moore, para. 2) addresses her opinion to the Mayor, City attorney and City Council of San Bernardino.   She offers an unreasonable advice the squabbles that are affecting the mentioned. This is after observing that they have been sitting around fighting with no performance. She tells them to take a trip at dusk to with a banner written welcome to ghetto.

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I tend to think that this is not the best option to address the situation at hand. What the mayor, the city attorney and the city council officials should do is to seat down and come up with amicable solutions that will address the needs of the people. Going at dusk won’t help anyone. But it also depends with your point of view.   It is worth noting out that the city council delays passing the most crucial budgetary allocations. This has adverse effects on the population at large because they don’t receive primary services at the appropriate time (Hagen, para. 3)

The rule of law

(Griffith, 2012) raised an argument that religious leaders should not offer charity support to immigrants. This is because it is against the law of the land and they are engaging in a criminal activity. Does the word illegal exist in the vocabulary of the church? Would the church go ahead and support other illegal activities such as prostitution and robbery? Who is the financier for these illegal activities? This are some of the questions Griffins has raised.

In my own judgment, humanity should come first at all times. This is being your brother’s keeper. I believe in upholding the rule of the land, but you cannot let a brother die of starvation and cold simply because they are in the countries illegally. After feeding them, the next best step would be to report them to the authorities.

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