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Facebook versus Google on Display Sales

The Business Review Weekly Volume 29 (2007) explained that the advantage of utilizing the web as a platform for advertising is seen on the huge number of sites generating income from displaying their products or businesses online. Display advertising pertains to the use of site banners, pop-ups, search-engine marketing and email-syndication platforms (Bidgoli 2009,). The use of banners projects the image on the website aims to portray to its target market. Most of these banners are created in such a way that would attract customers to view the website associated with the banner. Pop-ups are generated along with the opening of each website and if used appropriately will lure the consumer to view the corresponding website. The aim of display advertising is to attract as many consumers through highly creative media that captures the attention of web-users. Bidgoli (2009) states that web advertising leaders form networks of ad agencies, top ranking portals and social media sites where display ads will be maximized thus generating huge revenue for the client. Moreover, the cost of web advertising is comparably less expensive than other forms of media advertising. The reason for this is probably the number of available free-to-browse websites and the social media giants like Facebook. As of 2007 eMarket (Bidgoli, 2009) reports that there are the significant increase in internet advertising and decrease in traditional advertising. The number of traffic generated in the web means that more people today are online. Thus, the need for advertisers to exploit the web for advertising purposes and create an area where consumers will be able to patronize a product or service without the hassle of going through lengthy TV or radio commercials or flipping through print ads. It is the digital age and display ads have replaced traditional advertising. The web advertisers’ creative inputs and formats would enable the clients to maximize sales by proper placement of their ad campaign in the web.



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