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Youtube Advertising

One of the four P’s of Marketing is Product Positioning and in today’s digital age there are several portals that would enable a businessman to leverage a product or business by simply utilizing the portals services. Youtube, according to Sahlin and Botello (2007), is all about sharing videos and generating page views.  There is a feature that allows video uploaders to put tags and descriptions in the video that would link their video in the search engines.  Youtube as an advertising media will generate revenues through page visits by fans or can be forwarded even to non-users or linked with other social media. Youtube generates publicity for the client that is not covered by traditional form of advertising. Television networks have even become partners with Youtube (Sahlin and Botello, 2007) in order to market their shows to a wider audience. Sweeney et al (2011) states that Youtube advertising is either self-managed or managed by Google sales representatives. One feature in using Youtube that would benefit the business in terms of advertising is through video syndication, which allows videos to be uploaded and linked with other video viewing sites (Sweeney et al, 2011).  Again, this allows for more publicity since it would attract diverse groups of viewers that are catered by each linked viewing website. The product is then advertised globally in one sitting. Youtube also allows for creativity in advertising a client’s product or business using applications such as Youtube Badge, Caption tube and One True Media (Sweeney et al, 2011). Youtube Badge allows advertisers to create a badge that can be posted in social media sites like Facebook entailing videos that have been uploaded by the user. Caption Tube allows the advertiser to put transcripts in the video for the viewers to read or click to link with other videos or websites. One True Media allows creativity for advertisers to use photos and videos to form a video collage with generated special effects and music- sort of a personalized TV commercial or preview of the product or business being advertised. 



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