The United States of America

Nowadays, the United States of America is one of the most powerful and influential countries in the world. The USA can be called ‘the empire of the 21st century.’ The roots of this powerful empire appearance can be found in the 19th century.

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The second half of the 19th century became the turning point in the history and the development of the USA. During this period, such world empires as British and Spanish began to lose their positions at the world scene while the USA, on the contrary, began its tremendous and glorious development.

It is a natural process that one country wants to gain some leading positions and to influence others in a certain way (economic, religious, military, or social). The same happened to the USA. The government and the prominent people of America embraced pretty well that the country would need some new ways for its further development. They did not invent something new to be applied to. They simply chose the old scheme that had been used many times and by many nations during the whole world history. In my opinion, this scheme can be represented as follows: trade, new lands / new ambitions, war / military conflict, influence, and dependence. I consider that the application of this scheme has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Speaking about advantages, it should be mentioned that the USA managed to consolidate its citizens, to enlarge territories, to develop economic and military spheres, and to gain leading positions in the world. As to the disadvantages, it is worth stressing that the USA occupied some territories not paying attention to the demands and wishes of their native citizens. It had caused the Spanish-American War and many other military conflicts that resulted in numerous losses. The natives of the USA dependencies were treated in a rather cruel and inadmissible way.


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There are some positive and negative features in the history of each country, and the USA is not an exception. Without doubts, the USA is a real empire of the 21st century which managed to reach this status in a century only.

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