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Facebook and the Ad Agency Creative Staff

Roles within an organization are important for the proper flow of work and creation of a work environment that is convenient for everyone without the unnecessary hype of being overwhelmed by stress. Separating the creative team from the management team is essential in policymaking. The creative team will be the one who will focus more on the aspects of product development, consumer targeting and market trends. This article stated that creative minds can adjust and communicate well with other co-creative minds simply because they have the same mindset and are at the same field of expertise. Innovative minds co-exist with innovative minds and will be able to create a platform of innovative ideas if allowed to exploit all possibilities without being hindered by other aspects of the organization that is not their main concern. Then, according to Bilton (2007), the fluidity between individual roles and creative perspectives is often offset by such problems as over-familiarization and over-specialization. This would entail that as time would pass the members of a creative team might develop assumptions as to the thoughts and responses of each member regarding certain aspects of the product being developed, thus, limiting the innovative capability of the team. Bilton (2007) further explains that creative team managers will be challenged to sustain the diversity and flexibility of the team in order for conformity and complacency not to arise. Therefore, the social mogul needs to understand the factors that drive a creative force and be able to propel his team towards sustainable development for his company. The Center for self-sufficiency publishing has this to say about creative advertising, that “it is the artistic development of universal artifacts into an evolutionary omega”.



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