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Twitter and Self-Serve ad Platforms

Opt-in advertising is a strategy by Twitter that allows a company to create fee-paying corporate accounts with advertising that fits for each user (Makice, 2009).  However, this strategy asks the user to follow minimum of three accounts. As of 2012, Twitter is allowing selected small business entrepreneurs – particularly those with American express credit cards- to promote their products or business through Twitter. This advertising strategy would enable an entrepreneur to reach target markets –both old and new- in a wider scale. The best thing about this method of advertising is that it allows each vendor to limit spending depending on a set amount per advertising. Advertising strategy includes promoting through pay-per click by the Twitter follower and through promoting a certain shout-out that Twitter considers as a best ad campaign for the product or service. The need to connect with customers through the online web is the necessity that Twitter would like to provide. Twitter is established as a site that generates multiple views and connects diverse people across different states and even global. Businesses need not be limited with simply marketing the product alone but people nowadays are into simple blogs about the products and business as well. In the point of advertising, this allows the businessman to reach a wider market.   This also enables the businessman to monitor the number of people viewing or following his account, thus, enabling him or her to create marketing plans that would further boost his or her revenue. According to Van Grove (2012), this self-service ad is Twitter’s way of competing in ad campaign revenues with the likes of Facebook and Google. Using Twitter to advertise online means that the business or product will be made known to approximately 140 million users who actively send tweets on a daily basis (Van Grove, 2012). The great amount of people who use Twitter and Makice explained that since 2008, it has been used for generating revenue and marketing but the platforms then were not fully established and individuals have to be creative in linking Twitter with other websites to sell their products.



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