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Doug Nichol: Sunshine Film

The short film is about an advertisement for a fast food chain in China and how each individual that made up the advertising team came up with the concept for their commercial shoot. The aim of the group was to come up with a television commercial that would be appropriate for the client. In advertising, the rate of reach is calculated as the number of people reached by the aid divided by the total population. These means the type of ad campaign material used must generate a large number of viewers and listeners to ensure the ads success. The term “sunshine people” according to the ad’s client would cater to the market in China that knows and understands what it is to be “sunshine”. This concept is essential in advertising particularly in reaching ones target market. In advertising, it is best to know if the target audience could relate to the content and message of the ad. In this article, the producer and director did find a bit of difficulty in understanding the idea that a certain actor is “sunshine enough” to be the part of the commercial, thus, they went out and learned about the culture of the people of China. In advertising, the target market must be able to relate with the actors in the ad commercial (Drewnany and Jewler, 2010). Humour can be used as a medium to relate with customers but should be used appropriately. In the article, the actor adapted a childlike movement that the American director was not able to identify with but is a part of Chinese culture that the Chinese can relate to and identify with, thus, respond by buying the clients product. Gulas and Veinberger (2008) explain that humour is dependent on shared experiences that are affected by factors like demography and culture; thus, should be used appropriately and with great consideration to the viewers. Accordingly, humour is relative to an individual’s perception and if used inappropriately may generate more criticism than acceptance among product consumers.



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