1. A summary of the article

This is a summary of the article “'SpongeBob' Mushroom Discovered in the Forests of Borneo” that was published online on May 10, 2011 in ScienceDaily. The article is descriptive that discusses on how a new type of Mushroom that was nicknamed by the name SpongeBob just as the name of its cartoon version that was discovered in 2010 in the Lambir Hills in Sarawak, Malaysia.

The article highlights on the unique physical features that are newly discovered type of mushroom known as the Spongiforma Squarepantsii. This is when the mushroom assumes a different Shape from the common mushroom, and the Spongiforma Squarepantsii assumes a shape like a sea sponge as portrayed in the article. This is the most dominant physical feature that is openly seen differentiating the Mushroom from the other mushrooms (ScienceDaily par 4).

The other difference is in the color of the living organism this is when Spongebob has a Bright Orange and turns to purple when the mushroom is sprinkled with a strong chemical. The smell of this plant is also difference that differentiates it to the other types of mushrooms, as it contains two distinct smells that are either vaguely fruity or extremely musty.

The article has also indicated that the new species of fungi was also discovered in Thailand, the color of this new species differs to the other one that was found in Malaysia in color and odor. From a close surveys on this type of fungi it emerged that the fungi had a close relation with the SpongeBob; as from the research it emerged that the two species were relatives that lived thousand miles apart (ScienceDaily par 7).

The article also revealed some strange qualities/capabilities that the Fungi possessed; this is when Desjardin in his article noted that organism had undergone a lot of transformations that resulted to the fungi to assume a shape that is totally different from its ancestors. This is when the fungi loosed its ancestor’s shapes that included the cap and the stem.

2. My opinion on the article

I tend to regard the article as a very informative type of article that I have read in a while; this is because of the nature in which it has been written and the type of words that are used by the writer in expressing his ideas to the reader. The writer has avoided the use of jargons and thus used simple English that would be understood easily by the reader who isn’t a scientist or interested in the field of science (ScienceDaily par 2).

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The writer has also provided the reader with a broken description of the organism; this is when the writer explains the basic facts about the fungi; thus ensuring that the reader is in the position of clearly understanding the unique features of the fungi this is when the writer tells the reader on some of the unique feature that differentiates this kind of fungi with the other. This will definitely provide the reader with a vague idea of how the living organism looks like (ScienceDaily par 2).

The article has also achieved in giving the reader on some of the outstanding features of the living organism that proved to be intriguing and thus gave the reader the urge of reading the article even more. Some of these factors include its ability of reforming back to its normal shape and size even after it has been squeezed of all the water that it contains. This is because it has the qualities of a sponge, it also has a gelatinous or rubbery cover that prevents it from loosing excess water to the atmosphere and at the sane time ensure that the organism will absorb little  amount  of  water from the atmosphere in order to survive.

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