Writing a Good Article Critique

There are various steps which should be followed during article critique writing. These steps are:

  • Read the article several times and understand its content – the first step of personal statement writing is to read word after word and catch the ideas presented in the article. Having understood every aspect of the writing, you can then move on to analyze the subject matter.
  • Draft a summary of the academic paper using your own phrases - this refers to putting down all key points of the writing in your words without any aspect of copy pasting. Copy pasting or plagiarism is an academic crime that cannot be condoned in colleges and national universities. Moreover, plagiarized reaction paper writing will definitely earn you very low marks.
  • Evaluation stage – this entails analyzing how the writer presented his ideas and his argument to support his thoughts. You can use the authors’ comments to help you in the evaluation exercise.
  • Identify the key points and the weak spots – highlight the main issues which the writer has discussed pretty well and the areas where he has failed to deliver his message rightfully.
  • Conclude your personal statement writing - the conclusion should serve as a summary of your article assessment; it should be clear and precise.

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