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To write a good article is not an easy task. One should know academic writing style and the structure of an article very well. If you need to write an article as your assignment, our experienced writers will help you with this task, because if you do not like writing or find it boring, there is a challenge for you. So, better leave your task for us and do other things, which are significant in your life!

To write a good article you should be able to organise your work properly. First of all, you can not say that you are working on your article writing, you do not do it. You do the research, the preparation work, write the plan of the article, write separate parts of your article, and then revise it. The research work has a few levels. Firstly, you state the idea of your article, which can be written in one or two sentences, then you analyse the previous data (take notes, state major questions, etc.). You start to write your material only after you concluded your work on the previous data. Your article will be successful only if you choose the appropriate audience and then find the material which will be interesting for this particular audience.

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Your article should include the following parts: abstract, introduction, methods, results and discussion. The article without clear structure can not be considered a good article, so, you should structure your article appropriately. The very important point in article writing is that you should know the difference between the abstract and introduction of the paper. These are not the same. You should also know how to organise your article: you have to create your working title, and then, when the article is completed, the title of the article will be changed to the final one. The title and abstract should be informative and eye-catching, because they attract attention of readers most of all.

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