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A personal statement is a piece of writing which you will not be assigned throughout your academic years but which you will be supposed to write when applying for college, university, or scholarship. This is one of the essential papers concentrated on your personality, life, and aspirations. In case your GPA is the same as that of other applicants, a personal statement is what can help you outshine others.

It is important to make a decision, whether you are in a position to deal with a personal essay on your own. If you are not sure, then you need custom writing assistance. Getting professional writing help with your personal essay is very important in case you do not want to make a wrong impression of who you really are and the things you believe in. If you are seeking substantial personal statement help online, consider cooperating with our team. By choosing, you will not only get an impressive essay but also learn its basics.

The experts working for do know how to create remarkable custom personal statements presenting the applicants effectively and grabbing the board’s attention. So, come to us to buy a personal statement online to achieve the desired success!


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What Is a Personal Statement and Its Purpose?

Personal essays are written with the aim to represent a person. They are meant for people who do not have any idea of one’s personality. Here, we are talking about the committee of the educational establishments or academic programs one is applying to. They are those who will read your paper first. Personal essays are, therefore, important in giving a comprehensive picture of who you really are. People, who want to know more about you, should be able to easily get some information through a well written custom personal essay.

Such papers can be of two types:

  • General. These provide a detailed description of the applicant’s skills, knowledge, interests, etc. When creating a personal essay of this type, one is free to construct the content the way they want.
  • Specific. This particular type is usually presented in the form of questions and answers.

Sometimes, the above-mentioned types are combined. Even though there are no strict rules for creating such papers, you still should consider the provided recommendations to create the paper that will make you stand out and help you achieve your goal. If you have some doubts about producing such a piece on your own, buy personal statements from our agency. Our professional personal statement writers would be eager to assist you with your task.

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Why Buy Personal Statement Writing Online?

It is necessary to say that a large number of students look for a professional personal statement writing service. The thing is that such a paper is really tricky and students just can’t cope with it without expert assistance. It differs from the projects that are usually assigned to students throughout studies:

  • It can be used either as an independent paper or an addition to the application letter.
  • Its main function is to clearly highlight one’s skills, achievements, goals, etc. and give answers to the posed questions.
  • It has to be created according to the application specifications.
  • It should start with a catchy and impressive introduction to grab the uncompromising board’s attention.
  • It has to put great emphasis on your value as a student.
  • It should give readers a clear understanding of that you are ready to work hard to reach your objectives.
  • It should also demonstrate that you are not afraid of difficulties and are ready to for solutions to the occurred problems.

To compose a good paper corresponding to the listed points, one should know exactly how to write a personal statement. Otherwise, the chances to succeed in performing writing of this type are really low. Do you know that only about 4-8% of applicants are accepted to the desired academic institutions? The reason for such a small percentage is the complexity of the very paper. That is why so many students opt to use a professional personal statement writing service.

Do you want to be one those lucky students admitted to the chosen college or university? Then, you should also consider buying personal statement essays from qualified staff. Only professional personal statement writers know all the ins and outs of such papers.

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Handy Hints on How to Write a Personal Statement for College

Have you decided to produce such a challenging piece of writing on your own? If yes, you will probably start looking for some instructions and hints. We know that time is of the essence and do not want you to waste it on long searches. For this reason, we offer you to consider the guidelines and tips we have prepared for you.

First of all, you should remember that writing personal essays should not be carried out in haste. Hasty writing makes the essay look ugly in the eyes of strict members of the board. Moreover, it is necessary to understand that if you are in the habit of making things at the last moment, you probably will not succeed. So, it’s much better to buy a personal statement online from true pros rather than ruin everything being in a hurry.

Below, there is a detailed personal statement outline by following which you will manage to create a powerful piece of writing:

What to do


Tell your own story

Everyone has something unique to say about themselves. You should not think that your story is the same as that of any other applicant.

Be yourself

Create your paper in your specific style. Note that there cannot be a right or wrong style of presenting yourself. Just ensure that your paper reflects your personality.

Mind your readers

Who will read your piece of writing? What idea do you want to communicate? Pay special attention to the language you use and the way you express your thoughts while composing your paper.

Meet the imposed requirements

Properly written personal statements have to:

  • Include a story or anecdote.
  • Show the connection between that story/anecdote and your personality.
  • Connect the provided information with the explanations as to why you have decided to apply to a specific educational establishment.

Stick to the word count

Make certain that your piece of writing is of the right length. It should include about 500 words.

Edit your work

Have some rest after producing your paper, and then check it for grammar, punctuation, etc. Remember that it is essential to submit a thoroughly edited essay.

It seems apparent that without expert assistance you may not be able to create such a paper on your own since it requires a huge amount of work. Apart from that one has to adhere to several guidelines while writing a personal essay paper, avoid mistakes and false facts, keep the right tone of writing, it is also necessary to mind the most important thing - time. Time plays the most important role while creating such an essay. This process is very time-consuming, so, it is impossible to write a worthwhile paper in an hour. Thus, if you lack either skills or time to complete this unusual assignment on your own, visit our team online and find out the best approach for your essay. The result will be impressive. Start using our personal statement writing service now!

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Buy a Personal Statement from Us and Get Outstanding Advantages

Being a reputable writing agency, provides its customers with reliable guarantees and great benefits such as:

  • Fair Prices

We do want our customers to enjoy each aspect of our services, the financial one included. For this reason, we have reasonable prices that start at $12.99/page when it goes about personal statements. Offering moderate rates, we give our users an opportunity to buy personal statement writing of premium quality and increase their chances for successful college or university admission.

  • Strict Confidentiality

To protect our customers from frauds, we use special software at our site. Additionally, we have a clear policy that guarantees our clients complete privacy. If you are seeking personal statement help online, is the safest website to access. Neither your personal details nor those about your orders will be revealed to anyone. So, you can make a purchase from us without hesitation.

  • Clear Revision Policy

If you believe that some aspects of your paper do not comply with your requirements, you can refer to a free revision option. It can be applied for within 2 days (the papers including less than 20 pages) and 30 days (the writing projects containing 20 pages or more) after the expiration of the set deadline. In addition, you can avail yourself of 2 fee-based extended revision options – 14 and 4, respectively. A 4-day extended revision is also included in our VIP services and VIP account.

  • Reliable Money-Back Guarantee

If you have strong reasons to think that your work does not meet your specifications (even after being amended), you may qualify for a refund. It can be done within two weeks, i.e. 14 days after the expiration of the deadline. Make sure to back up your claims with strong arguments and evidence. Your application will be examined by our refund agents and you will be responded to within 3-4 business days.

  • Qualified Personal Statement Writers

If you make a purchase from us, you can be confident of obtaining a top-notch work. Why? Because we have the best personal statement writers on our team. They are completely familiar with the application process and know what it takes to compose a supreme application paper. Our specialists have BA, MA, and Ph.D. degrees in various fields, which means they can create papers of any complexity.

  • Non-plagiarized papers

Each paper provided by our professional personal statement writing service is customized to client’s needs and is not based on some previously written personal statement for a college application sample. Additionally, each text is tested for authenticity. If you want to ensure that your work is plagiarism-free, order the VIP option called “Get a full PDF plagiarism report.” As a result, you will get a document with the percentage of possible matches and links found.

Apart from these features, we also guarantee timely completion of assignments ordered by our customers. It is known that the need to reach the deadline makes most of students tremble with fear. However, when buying personal statement essays from us, you may forget about all those nerves caused by deadlines. Whether you task is urgent or not, we maintain timeliness in any case.

How to Order a Personal Statement Online


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What to Do to Buy Personal Statements from Us

Using our services is easy. First, you need to fill out the order form and add any available extra material that can help the assigned expert create an impressive piece clearly highlighting your skills, experience, etc.

After providing your paper requirements, you will be supposed to make a payment. You should not worry when paying for your assignment since we deal with trustworthy financial providers. Once the confirmation of the financial transaction is received, we will find the writer who has appropriate expertise to produce your work. If you have any questions about your paper, you can pose them to your writer via our messaging system.

On the date indicated in your order details, your completed assignment will be uploaded to your personal cabinet. As it is seen, buying personal statement essays at is easy. In case of some issues, feel free to address our support representatives. They are at your disposal 24/7.

Buy Personal Statement Writing from Dedicated Staff

Today, finding a reliable provider of writing services may be rather complicated. Still, if you are here, you’ve found one. According to the testimonials, our users find our personal statement writing service helpful. Owing to the received writing projects, our clients can learn the basics of creating personal statements. Hence, if you need assistance with your assignments, contact us straight away. We know that some assignments are more complicated than others and need meticulous attention. We are ready to devote enough time to each of your projects to help you succeed.


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