Fitness Director

As a fitness director, one needs to invest effort and time to pull in and retain a dynamic and high caliber instructional staff. Effective and efficient fitness instructors are an invaluable asset, if the fitness program is to be administered successfully. It is fitness instructors interact with the firm’s client at the most basic level. When they showcase competence and passion towards their work, the overall fitness program becomes successful. Similarly, when such instructors lack skills and enthusiasm the program becomes a failure.

The best employees can be found through a comprehensive hiring process. The strategies to be used in the process include:

Outlining a job description and analysis

To ensure that the right people apply for the position of fitness instructor, a detailed job description will be needed. The title of the job will be a fitness instructor. Contained in the description are the duties and responsibilities to be performed, job qualification, the date when the job begins, as well as the names and current address of the applicant. Job analysis ensures that all requirements of the program are identified. Being a new health and fitness center information can be sourced from industry best standards as well as other successful centers.

Selection and retention of employees

Lack of compliance to laws and regulations in recruitment can lead to adverse effects such as litigation. As a fitness director discrimination against color, race, gender and religion should be avoided. Recruitment in this case is externally conducted bearing in mind that this is a new fitness centre. Advertising of positions should be done through the use of channels such as the internet, newspapers, professional associations as well as employment agencies.

Gathering information

Resumes and application forms act as the source of information from the applicants.  Guidelines from the Equal Employment and Opportunities Commission (EEOC) should be used. Though not all applicants may be considered, their forms require safe storage for future reference.

Conducting of interviews

During the interview process, the recruitment panel should ensure that they are acting objectively. The kind of questions posed to the applicants requires significant consideration. Key areas to be examined include the level of expertise, discipline and commitment.

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Testing and selection

Tests should be used in screening for the most productive fitness instructors. The test may include practical fitness sessions where all attributes related to effective performance undergo a variety of measuring procedures.

Reference checking

This is quite significant. It enables the fitness director to assess the applicants past information on discipline and competency. Additionally, referee can be contacted in the future in case of any problems.


During this process, the company’s policies and objectives should be considered. Issues regarding working hours and payment get discussed. Finally, the employment contract forms are signed, and the successful employees go through the process of induction (Ammon,2010).

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