Training a Sports Facility Staff to be ADA Compliant

This will involve offering an ADA compliance training course to the staff. While the management may not have the facilities and knowledge in this area, they can enlist the services of training professionals. Among the things that the staff should be made aware of are the requirements of this Act that are relevant to them.

Staff should be equipped with the skills necessary in identifying the persons with physical or mental impairment that qualifies for ADA disability. They should be trained as to when they should inquire from facility users on disability related issues. Additionally, the staff should be equipped with social skills that ensure interaction between them and the disabled, as well as how to offer the accommodative services to such people. While training the staff, training materials should be offered. Competence should be analyzed by offering ADA compliance tests.

To ensure that disabled patrons get the best experience in the sports facilities, staff should be trained on offering reasonable accommodations. Discrimination should also be avoided.  This will involve offering favorable environment by removing the entry and movement barriers. Instructions should be offered to patrons with qualifying disabilities through the well qualified and skilled interpreters and readers (Ammon, 2010 ).

Challenges Faced by the Management in Complying with ADA Requirements

Training of staff to be ADA compliance offers an extra task for the management. These will involve devoting the time and financial resources. This is crucial, since litigation suits may prove to be quite expensive. The management can deal with this issue by employing a training coordinator whose role should be to ensure that ADA requirements are well met.

Management may find it difficult to comply with the rules, especially if most of their structures were built before 1990, when the Act was signed into law. This problem can be solved by making structural alterations to building structures such as construction of ramps and removal of barriers.

The management may also face difficulties in communication, especially with patrons who have sensory and cognitive disabilities. This can be averted by providing auxiliary services, such as telephones for help as a means of ensuring effective communication.

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