Contraception and Conception

What are your ideas about responsibility for contraception? Should one partner be responsible or should responsibility be shared?

I believe that contraception is a collective responsibility, which applies to both partners. No side should be held accountable less or more than the other, since sexual intercourse is a process that involves both partners.

Where did you get your ideas?

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I’m familiar with the ideas and notions of responsibility for contraception because of my intimate surroundings and family. I was brought up well-informed about such particular aspects, thanks to the awareness and broad knowledge of everybody I dealt with. Of course, my constant quest to learning new things and acquiring the necessary information should be mentioned.

Are they tied to other attitudes you have about male and female gender roles?

No, my ideas are not tied to other attitudes I have about male and female gender roles.

Are you comfortable with your attitude toward contraception and the effect it  has on your life?

I support equality between men and women irrespective of the circumstances. I’m fully aware of birth control. To prevent an undesirable pregnancy one must know all about contraception and not be ashamed to use it. I’m comfortable with my attitude toward safe sex.

Who taught you about conception?

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My parents taught me about conception; however, I have already had an idea about the subject, because my friends always comprise a certain curiosity when it comes to such matters. We always inquire and research what is really interesting for us.

How do you think kids of today learn about conception?

Nowadays, parents have become more open minded and straightforward than before. So today, many kids learn about conception via their parents, older sisters or brothers. Many parents by now don’t have any problem educating and informing their kids about the true nature of conception.

What can we do as a society to help prevent unwanted pregnancies?

As a society, our job is to be socially active. Moreover, we could set out some awareness campaign or even knowledge programs that would be embedded within our hospitals and schools. Hence, we would aid with the long-term prevention of such an unwanted occurrence.

Should schools teach sex education? If so, what should they learn?

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Yes, schools ought to teach sex education. They should teach everything related to sex not only from a scientific background, but from the psychological too.

Do your culture and religion change your personal views regarding contraception?

Culture and religion do not change my perceptions regarding contraception. I have my own viewpoints in life, and I am able to see the difference between good and eval. It is so great, that I am free to choose my own way in life.

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