Early Adulthood Interviews

Two people were interviewed in the course of the project. They answered a total of ten questions each. Some of their answers were rather similar, and some quite different.

Let us commence with the similarities. Both women have been married and are now divorced. They both left their home towns after graduating from college. They left their home states since both of them looked for independence of their parents. Both of them took the divorce process rather hard, but, in a while, everything became quite normal, as they were satisfied with themselves for being on their own again.

They, however, have much more differences, than similarities in their lives. The first interviewee possesses more confidentiality and dedication to her job and responsibilities. She left everybody and settled down away from home, willing to have a family; while her opponent was running away from the everyday partying routine. Both women find their ex husbands guilty in the divorce, but interviewee 2 also takes part of guilt for herself. She understands that her behavior was inappropriate and could be cause for her husband to leave looking for the attention of other women.

Both women like their jobs, but on totally diverse reasons. Interviewee 1 enjoys her job as a professional, who tends to improve her skills and qualifications. Interviewee 2 does not pay so much attention to the job, as the factor that matters to her is that it is close to the place where she rents an apartment, her duties are not complex, and she enjoys working with her colleagues.

We cannot judge of the two women’s backgrounds, but they were definitely brought up in different ways. Interviewee 1 finds relaxation in practicing yoga; while her opponent believes that she is not even yielded to stress, since she spends a lot of time entertaining in the bar, located in downtown. This must be her way to get isolated from the rest of the people, and be herself. She replaces casual spending of time with consuming of alcohol and entertaining herself in the places, ignored by most of the people.  

Interview scripts

Interview 1 – my mother.

1. What made you decide to settle down?

- I made this decision based on the intention to have a family of my own.
2.How difficult was it for you to find your first apartment?

- It was not so hard, as I was short of money and had a little choice.
3. What were some of the factors that made you move out of your home state?

- I wanted to be independent of anybody, especially my parents.

4.Retell the story of how you met the love of your life?

- I was going home after work. We hit each other on the corner of the house, where we later rented an apartment for two of us.
5. What were some of the events that led to your divorce?

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- My husband preferred spending his evenings after work with his buddies, not with his family. That really annoyed me.
6.How did you feel after the divorce?

- My feelings were mixed up. I felt kind of depressed but glad to be all on my own with my child again.
7.What is it about your job you find appealing?

- My job keeps me up-to-date, as I read through a lot of news. Also, I receive lots of support from my coworkers, who try to be most helpful to me.
8.Is this job permanent or just something to "get by"? (first job out of college)

- After college, you think of one thing only – getting any job to become independent. I think I need a better job now.
9. What are some of the coping strategies you use to deal with stress?

- I enjoy yoga – it really helps you to calm down, relax and get rid of all the frustration.
10. How did you cope with being on your own again? ( after divorce).

- It was hard at first, but now I know that life’s just started over again.

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