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People talk, listen and watch pornography. That will give some people happiness, some an arousal, and some bad and unhappy feelings. The people who watch and act may not think of the gravity of pornography, it will give them the instant pleasure, happiness and money. The people who watch too, sexually aroused and need to have that pleasure, and from whomever available at that time. The effects of pornography, whether violent or non-violent, on sexual aggression have been debated for decades and the current review examines evidence about the influence of pornography on sexual aggression in correlational and experimental studies, in real world violent crime data and most important thing is sexually transmitted infections. STI destroy a person’s whole life, end to this pornography will be STI. Victimization rates for rape and STI in the world demonstrate an inverse relationship between pornography consumption and rape rate. Porn industry assurances that an adult film actress' recent positive HIV test and many unpublicized cases of HIV have been confirmed in adult film performers. The newly released data bring the number of HIV cases in porn performers in the last five years to a substantial number. It is concluded that it is time to discard the hypothesis that pornography contributes to increased bad sexual behavior which will increase sexually transmitted infections. The internet's had a big play in porn, but getting those names and addresses of the porn stars would be difficult. Many of the porn actors are very badly treated even in front of their clubs, while they are working and they are screams for regulations from their governments. (Kimi 2009). As a I need help the victims as well as have to minimize increasing of sexually transmitted infections, I thought of interview a porn star whom infected with HIV have said the following:

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Mona Rani is an actress and one of the main 'porn stars' in the porn world and has created a myth of glamour around the porn industry, she had many sexual partners recently, and many are porn actors, and the other is her boyfriend. Those men have had sexual intercourse with an additional people too, all been notified that they are infected, tested, and confirmed positive for HIV. I questions from her when did you know that you are a HIV victim? How did you feel? Did you tell others? She answered without any expression in her eyes, that she couldn’t believe that first, and she heard of the male porn star mostly acting with her got sick and rumors passed that he is a HIV victim, then she said her whole world shake with fear, nothing but fear, but it is no shame for her, because all knows her as a porn star and nobody in the civilized society speaks with her, including her own family. But she couldn’t visit the medical Centre for test and it has passed few days and nothing happened to her so her fears vanished and thought she is alright. After few weeks later that starts developing in flu like illness, which may look like glandular fever with swollen glands in the neck and armpits. She has taken some antibiotics and spent another weeks’ time. The flu goes down and coming up again. She couldn’t perform up to her best, so her work starts complaining. She started feeling rapid weight loss, dry cough, fever, night’s sweats, weariness and jet leg. So she took all the testing to make sure, yes she is a victim. She lost her job due to many days of absenteeism. Later more symptoms showed up White spots or unusual blemishes on the tongue, in the mouth, or in the throat, Red, brown, pink, or purplish blotches on or under the skin or inside the mouth, nose, or eyelids and diarrhea, Pneumonia, Memory loss, depression, and other neurological disorders. The fear of living with HIV and expenses for medication is a big mental stress to her and she has informed all her porn partners including her boyfriend, who left her as soon as he heard of it and same happened with her other friends. (Janaka 2004).

According to her what caused to happen this too many girls and boys like her 'choose' prostitution due to financial desperation, drug dependency or due to coercion. They need to take drugs to act like this repeatedly. Many girls addicted to drugs are disappeared and dropped out of this business. All people involved in this industry, performers, directors, crew, agents, drivers, owners, office workers, etc. having drugs. Most of these porn actresses are uneducated. After taking drugs they, actually don’t have mentality to understand how they perform, but they getting the hunger to have sex as they were forced and then they can perform in violent sex actions because they do not feel much of violence pain. But she said that when they see their performance in video they feel that they act as animals and others are taking pictures of an animal. This industry revenue estimated more than $57 billion but they are getting a very less salary, she stated. This was said many porn stars as well. (Covenant eye January 28, 2008)

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Civil Society thoroughly condemns this pornography activities and helping of supplying human resources to perform. Introduction to pornography is routine among children and young people, with a range of remarkable and often troubling effects. Among younger children, exposure to pornography may be disturbing and making them morally upsetting. Exposure to pornography helps to sustain young people’s obedience to sexist and unhealthy ideas of sex and relationships. And, especially among boys and young men who are regular consumers of pornography, with of more violent materials, consumption intensifies attitudes supportive of sexual coercion and increases their likelihood of committing attack. At the same time children and young people are sexual objects and deserve age-appropriate materials on sex and sexuality, pornography is a very poor, and indeed dangerous, sex educator according to the producers. Actually we say this is not providing any kind of sex education and this show their poor mentality level as well. (David Lee 2010)

The political and legislative side of the pornography is developing in a very poor level still, those bills and acts will never pass out from any of the parliaments as these pornography clubs are mostly runs by the politicians.  Therefore the nature and importance of pornography is controversial   contrasting liberal, conservative and according to radical feminist views on the relationship between sexuality and pornography is analyzed many more times. Radical feminist arguments purporting to show pornography causes sexual violence against women and increasing of STI are criticized on the grounds that they are questionable, and anyway rest on the open-minded way of drawing the private-public difference. Whilst the argument that pornography is offensive may usefully be appealed to condemn the open display of hard-core and sexually violent pornography which creates STI, it is of limited use to feminists since it too rests on the liberal private-public dichotomy, which feminists are committed to dispensing with. There is a consistent and distinctively feminist theory that pornography is harmful in creating a serious moral affront to women. This argument has some force, but is defective due to no proper political solution comes out.  I can say as a responsible civilian there’s no honest government due to dishonest politicians. (David Lee 2010)

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Finally I asked from the porn actress Mona Rani who is a victims of HIV what she has to say about family, social support, body image, caretaking, solutions for the illness, prevention and what kind of support do they need. She said that her family never treated her as a member after she join the porn industry as her family is well respected by the society, Social support of cause there are many organization supports in free medication, advise, transportation,  helpful information and emotional support for the time, also she mentioned most problems starts with when the changes taking place with the body image, the changes to the skin, color, hair, tiredness, memory loss and many other gives them frustration, anger, unhappiness, and mental unbalance, which are the things ultimately we have inherited from this industry. Stating about care taking I feel no one can take care of us with this illness with true sympathy because all are afraid of this illness. Also she said that society is have to have a big role in this, treating sexually infected people kindly, without insulting, without scolding and sympathetically. Because some are infected are not only porn actors and actresses but due to many methods this infect people. She said that she is hoping and praying God to let the medical professionals find a cure for this and sooner the better. But this is very difficult because all these Politian’s also involved in this industry and them also getting the pleasure out of this mostly. (Janaka 2004) Therefore as a responsible organization we call all organizations, governments to provide these uneducated people some kind of training and a secured employment. In the conclusion we can say sexually transmitted illnesses not giving the pain as great as the victims’ mental feeling of living with the STI. The feeling having STI, is killing people’s inner feeling and make them as living dead, therefore There must be an end to this pornography related illnesses, to create a better world. Civil Society and other Organizations have to take this matter as very serious issues therefore, all have to start fighting for rule, regulations, legislations and Acts to make this to a stop, according to the strengths of the organizational.  I believe that there should be greater efforts to curtail
illegal pornography (that which exploits or destroys minors or vulnerable people) and that we should take greater care to ensure that minors do not have access to pornography. Other researchers too acknowledge the potential harmful effects of widespread sexual liberalism, traditional heterosexual pornography leading to the perpetuation of sexist pictures of women, the communication of unrealistic body images leading to insecurity about the viewer’s body
and potential sex partners and the wide spreading danger sexually transmitted infections.

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