Fundamentals of Nursing

The registration of a qualified nurse comes with a professional responsibilities’ shift. After becoming a qualified nurse, the dynamics and expectations of this relationship change fundamentally. A nurse should, therefore, be in a position to demonstrate ethical and professional practice. He/she should be very competent in care management and delivery and show professional and personal development to be allowed to join the register. This is observed as a big leap from the culture of being a supervised and mentored practitioner, so it is vital that the learning nurses are equipped with every skill that is required to make the transition successfully (Melnyk 2011).

The newly qualified nurses are normally faced with many assumptions from the society. Some people believe and assume that they know everything. This is a higher expectation that people have of nurses. For a nurse to become registered, he/she should demonstrate relevant and enough skills and knowledge in order to be able to produce quality performance in the relevant specialized field. What nurses need is to be in a position to adapt and develop in changing environments (Melnyk 2011). Nevertheless, it is important to embrace the fact that nurses cannot know everything, though they should have great skills that are applied to find out relevant information, make some reflection on it, as they apply this to their practice.

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Although the professional nursing goal is significantly influenced by personal goals, the nursing education at every level must be expanded in order to include training in various disciplines. A person in this field should precisely know what the philosophy of nursing means to them. He/she should be in a position to define his/her priorities as they apply in his/her hard work of patient care. This profession requires great nurturing qualities from a nurse. This quality is needed to place concern for the patient above all else (Potter 2009). Attaining a clinical specialization assists in achieving patient care goals. The organizations that employ nurses should share the same philosophy of professional and care accountability that nurses do.

The students who intend to be nurses in future should be in a position to differentiate between long term and short term goals. They should have some written goals that they wish to achieve in the nursing career at a particular period of time. Their ambitions should be easier to manage. This would be achieved through the setting of smaller goals as they work harder to achieve larger ones. For instance, if a nurse student desires to work as a nurse outside a setting of traditional hospital, he/she only needs to consider an additional training or get an advanced degree. Having this degree will automatically create more job opportunities for the student (Ignatavicius 2010). Learning from career and personal experiences should as well be considered. A learner should always surround him/herself with other people who share similar goals. The experienced professionals in this field should act as mentors. They have a better position than the new nurses or nursing students; therefore, they can offer competent guidance in what any student in that field would expect. They can also give you the support that is needed during some of the difficult times. This is due to the fact that the ability to manage stress effectively is vital for a person working in this field.

An ad registered nurse should learn how to provide a high and professional patient care. For a person to achieve this goal, one needs to educate, treat, support, and advocate for the patients. If the professional goals include the action of offering direct care services for a patient, a person will have to develop various technical skills as the modalities of the treatment that are available become technologically advanced.

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This nurse should be in a position to develop great leadership skills. A good student should consider taking the highest level of nursing education. This will allow the nurse to manage and coordinate care teams, which should delegate particular responsibilities to the other team members. Team work is normally required since it provides a patient with a continuity of care that is appropriate on daily basis. Nevertheless, one is in a position to manage an overall plan of care that is taken for a patient. A nurse should have a specialized experience and an advanced educational training.

Nurses should invest in continuing of their education. They should always involve themselves in the schedules that allow them to have some classes that would sharpen their existing professional skills. Others should opt to get certified in various specialized areas in order to keep themselves up-to-date on changes or new development that may occur on medical field(American Nurses Association 2010). The ad registered nurses should have continuing-education classes that should be offering them various opportunities that would give them a chance to refresh their skills as they learn new treatment methods. They should attend educational seminars and classes that offer particular opportunities of networking as they give nurses the chance to learn from other professionals in that field. This is due to the fact that seeing how other professionals define their purpose will help them to formulate their goals more clearly.

Delivery of good services requires knowledgeable and skilled nurses, who are responsive to the needs of patients as well as their expectations. Therefore, they require a flexible approach that leads to appropriate use of skills and ensures that the performance has enough nursing hours to give the service needed. The roles practiced by nurses should help them deliver appropriate and high quality care in an effective and safe manner. They should always be ready to listen to the needs of patients (Ackley 2010). This allows accurate deliverance of care within the context. A nurse should have a big heart so as to support a patient. Nurses should urge patients to self manage. They should as well be responsible and accountable for patient’s care delivery.

An ad registered nurse should have effective skill-mix that includes implementation and development of new roles. They should understand that this is fundamental to the delivering of various services that are responsive. However, the new roles may be confusing for various patients due to the use of a wide variety of titles (Herdman 2008).

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Nurses should be always on time in reviewing of patient’s medication and adhere to their treatment. They should learn to work within the practice guidelines so as to advice and monitor the patients on conditions that are long-term, such as rheumatoid arthritis, pernicious anaemia, thyroid disorders, and iron-deficiency anemia (Bullough 1988). Giving a preventive advice as well as undertaking diagnostic tests are some of the activities that the registered nurses should perform. They should sacrifice their time to identify, diagnose, monitor, and manage various patients who have long-term conditions.

In conclusion, nursing is a sensitive type of job that is performed through a calling. It involves a lot of challenges that can only be managed through sacrifice. If a person is interested in growing in that career, he/she must be having a burning motivation of engaging him/herself in a lifelong learning.

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