Wire Fraud by a Police Officer

At times people with authority tend to take this as an added advantage, whereby they use the government utilities to mistreat the common citizens. At times, they are reported to their bosses or the victim could also decide to take it easy and assume his actions. Many are the times that these people mishandle people since they are either assured to convince their boss otherwise or they are working closely together with their supervisors.  This time round this certain police was not lucky since he found himself behind bars after he had performed an uncouth behavior of stealing from the citizens and from his work mates who reported him to the attorney general.

On June 18th 2012, a former police officer was arrested when he was accused of stealing through wire fraud.  Carl Mullen was the former person in command of the highland heights Southgate police authority. He used tricky missions and managed to teal at least $100,000 from the department he was working for (FBI, 2009). This victim was also believed to have used credit cards bearing the name of the highland heights Southgate police and others which were bearing the name of his workmates to steal $115,000 from January 2010 -November 14, 2011. He would acquire the money in cash and would keep it all for himself; he claimed this money to be the amount being paid to the police as compensations for the lawful investigations they performed. The assistance attorney general together with the FBI group performed the necessary investigations into Mullen issue and came up with evidence that would help in the judgment of the case.

The court assured Mullen a twenty years detention once he was found guilty. If I was the one judging him, I would make him to pay all these amount of amount before proceeding to serve his term I jail (Philip, 2005).   I agree with the final judgment issued to this fraud police officer since this will be a warning to many who have always wished to practicing fraud activities so as to become rich easily or those who have been involved in this evil act and have not been caught.

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