Distance Learning


The following is a review on education articles that are posted on the internet, one of the article highlights on Distance education while the other article highlights on some facts about the wikipedia. A brief Summary of these articles titled “Distance education” is where this article describes on a brief history of the term Distance learning the article also goes to the extent of expressing the history and the importance of this type of action (Wikimedia Foundation, 2011). The article has gone to the extent of informing us on the issues that make it important for the distance learning process to succeed, while the other article that is tilted “All about the Wikipedia” is an article that provides the reader with a brief history about the Wikipedia. The article goes further to the extent of describing to the reader on the process that is involved in the writing (posting) and maintenance of the wikipedia articles that are posted on the internet.

Its overall "look and feel" and apparent target audience

These articles that are generally considered to be Academic articles that are basically looking very academic; this is when the articles have centered on the topic of academics. The articles are basically presenting the readers with lots of information that they never had before, the articles were in a position of informing the readers on the importance of the given titles of the articles. This is when the first article that is titled “Distance education” it provides the readers with a brief history and the importance of distance learning on an individual and the institution that is offering this kind of services (Wikimedia Foundation, 2011). On the other hand, the other article informs the reader on the activities that are involved in writing the wikipedia articles and some of the methods that are used to update the articles so as to ensure that these articles are up to date and are very effective to the point of the articles being up to date.

According to my own observation I think that these articles are directed towards an audience that range from the general public. But in real sense the specific audiences of these articles are specifically academicians and students that are interested in matters pertaining to academics and seeking further education (AboutUs Inc, 2009).

What you find useful about this site

The site is considered to be very useful and resourceful this is because the site has provided me with a lot of information that I never had the opportunity of knowing in the past. The article is very useful to me because it provided me with the kind of information about the “All about the Wikipedia” and “Distance education” that I never had no idea of the articles have helped me broaden my perspective of looking and arguing about issues. The article that is talking about distance education has provided me with the opportunity of knowing the history of the practice, how it developed technologically to the extent of being what it is at the moment. It concluded by offering the reader with the importance of the practice on the institution and individuals taking the studies on line (Wikimedia Foundation, 2011).

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These articles according to me are considered to be a little bit shallow, this definitely forced me into looking other articles in the internet containing precise a analysis on the distance learning. This is when I visited other sites from different academic institutions and this made me understand the different ways that these organizations offer this program to there students (AboutUs Inc, 2009). The other links that I visited also helped me to know more about wikipedia as I was in a position of knowing how the importance of the wikipedia.

Bottom-line evaluation of its value to you

The bottom line is that these articles have a lot of importance to a student who wants to expand their knowledge and at the same time undertake through research in his school activities. This will ensure that the student that seeks to get more information will be in a position of succeeding in his actions; as a result of the availability of reading material that are posted on the internet in the from of the wikipedia (AboutUs Inc, 2009).

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