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When you need to write the custom essay or term paper, you will first have to face the stage of pre-writing.

What is the pre-writing of the paper? This stage is when you brainstorm the topic, prepare your ideas for initial writing, look for the relevant sources and write the outline.

Below You Can Find The Six Pre-Writing Steps

  1. Think over your topic. Ask yourself: What are you going to write in the first paragraph? How can I highlight the question in the most appropriate way? What is the key idea of my writing? What should I write in the introductory sentence and thesis statement? What ideas can I use to support my thesis statement? How can I make my first paragraph sound interesting and catchy?
  2. Open your laptop. Write the approximate answers for the above questions. You don’t need to write in detail. Just the main points you will use later to remember what ideas you were going to include in the paper.
  3. Try to find relevant sources and information to support your ideas. Look for the facts that will help you to present your ideas in the most persuasive way. When you search for the facts, make sure that you don’t deviate from the topic. Usually, students are so overwhelmed with searching relevant data that they begin to read all information on the subject, even the irrelevant for the topic.
  4. Write your own ideas. Think of what brings people’s interest in particular topic? What perspective is the most suitable to present the findings?
  5. Choose the main idea of your essay, and relate other thoughts to this idea.
  6. Organize your ideas and supportive facts in the most eloquent way. Put your ideas in some order - the relevance to the topic, the strength of the argument, positive/negative, favoring/unfavoring. Write down your notes as the skeleton for the future paper.

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Essay writing is one of the most common assignments that students get from professors. Some students can write a good essay in few hours, others need to spend endless hours on this task. In fact, essay writing is tricky and appears to be more complicated than many people think.

Finally, when you make up your ideas and find the relevant sources, you need to present your information in the winning way. You need to grab the attention of the reader. Does it sound too difficult?

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