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Price rate depends on the type of order a person places at

  • The minimum time required for completion of an essay is 8 hours. The average time limit can be 11 to 14 days. One month time is given for large orders.
  • Price is also determined based on the number of pages written in the order form. Some writings are double spaced while others are single spaced depending on the requirements of the customer. Generally 300 words are written in one page. The Times New Roman 12 or Arial 12 are the sizes of the letters in the writings.
  • Level of study is another determining point of the rates charged. Essay of PhD level will come at high rates and write ups of High school essays come at low prices.
  • The category of the writers selected for producing online writing is another determining factor of the prices. Creative essay writing can be given to writers having English as the second language in their time of study. Writers having first language as English and come from Canada, USA, UK and Australia take the responsibility of course essay online writing for students of High level. Writers having a good performance in online writing will handle mediocre projects and the price of such essays is mediocre in rate.


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Steps to Follow while Placing the Order for Custom Essays

  • Login the site and fill up the order form with great care.
  • Process the order with help from the support team. Custom writing from this organization is done after the payment is processed completely.
  • Once the payment is completed, custom writing starts. Allotment to a specialized writer is possible in 30 to 80 minutes.
  • Plagiarism test is the next step of composing creative essay writing. The paper goes through strict scrutiny to get the right outcome at the end. Free of charge service on plagiarism is provided from
  • Editing and proofreading is complete after the previous step. Uploading the finished creative essay writing is done after completion of the project.
  • The customer goes through the custom essays UK closely to find defects or missed out elements. Revision service is provided for free according to our Revision Policy. Cheap pricing will always encourage a student to order creative writing essay from
  • One can fill the testimonial column to provide suggestions to regarding creative essay writing.

No need to worry a lot as the cheap essays will come readily in the hands of the students with little efforts.

Buy papers with confident state of mind if overlapping essays pile up on the desks of the students. Put an end to sleepless nights and make sure the course essay online writing gives the best outcome to the essay projects in all levels of study.

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Difference with Other Companies Giving Creative Essay Writing

  • Buy essays from as they never sleep. They will always provide the best service to the clients.
  • Not all companies possess qualified writers. Bad and fake organizations hire cheap writers incapable of producing worthy writing to the students.
  • Seeking creative essay writing help from distinguished organizations makes the content look original at all times.
  • wants to maintain bondage with the returning customers all the time. Never fear about many home works and give creative writing essay to the best organization. They maintain confidential content and never leak out the personal details of the customer.

No more panicking as the students have good assistance from the best performers from across the world. The writing will be error free at all times. Obtain good grades at all levels of study with good writing from writers.


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