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When most people think of, they think of us as an online custom essay writing service only. What they do not realize is that we offer many other types of academic writing services. One of them is our high quality proofreading service. We are hired for our proofreading service by a varied demographic. Sometimes, seniors who are working on their dissertations will hire us to proofread their final documents before they defend them before the dissertation committee. Other times, a book author will hire us for our proofreading service before he or she sends his or her transcript off to an agent or publisher.

In addition to our proofreading service, we also offer an excellent professional editing service and formatting service. Other people hire us to do annotated bibliography writing. We, in fact, have one of the widest ranging arrays of writing services of any online writing company. Hundreds of students buy their academic writing assignments from us each week. With an excellent work that our professional teams perform, one might think that we would charge a great deal of money for the work that we do. However, the opposite is true. Any student can buy a custom essay for a cheap price. Any student or business person can utilize our proofreading service, our editing service our formatting service or our annotated bibliography writing for a surprisingly cheap price. We are one of a kind online writing service.

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We offer our services to professors, students, business men and women, lecturers, research students, post-doctoral researchers and research students, to name a few. We strive to meet the increasing need for English language writing services for business people and academics around the globe. We provide many academically-based editing and proofreading services for the authors of journal articles, conference papers, PhD thesis, books, dissertations, essays and many other types of professional documents. We both write and proofread research proposals and grants in the Social Sciences, the Sciences and in the Humanities disciplines. has assisted a large number of senior academics that include researchers and university professors by proofreading their submissions before they were accepted for publication. Many of them have written to tell us that without our services, they felt sure that their work would not have been accepted. We check and double check all submissions to make certain that they are correct and free of grammar or spelling issues. Plus, we also guarantee our work.

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Our professional editors scan each document for plagiarism, and a software-generated report is issued to confirm that it is free and clear. Our editors then use the “track changes” function of a popular writing program that allows moves between changes and any modifications that have been proposed by the person doing the proofreading. Comments, suggestions, and corrections are displayed in the right margin and may be easily accepted into the document.

Our professional teams of editors and proofreaders have expertise in an entire range of different academic disciplines. Each must prove that he or she can do excellent work before even being considered for hire by Each is carefully selected from a group of highly respected proofreaders who are noted authorities in the field. They are all native English speakers and have advanced graduate degrees. Many of them have experience in university teaching. Each one must pass a strident entry assessment, and only the best are chosen.

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If you need editing or proofreading assistance, is the best choice you can possibly make for these, and for any academic writing assistance. We earned our reputation for reliability and honesty by always delivering the best work that we can possibly deliver. Please register for your free account on our website and find out for yourselves what can help with any of your writing needs.


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