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Watching a movie is fun. However, the fun ends as soon as one has to write a critique about it. As a college student, you can probably relate and wonder how to get it over with. is here to help. We warn you that writing a movie critique paper will not be easy. Yet, our professional writers are ready to share tips on how to write a movie critique, original topic ideas, reasons why you should not use a movie critique example for writing, and use our services if needed. is a writing company of 200+ writers and editors who help people to handle their writing issues. For more than a decade now, we have been creating custom writing projects of all kinds, including movie critiques. Our expertise and knowledge enable us to provide excellent papers for our customers and help them to achieve their academic or professional goals. If you are struggling with your paper, you are welcome to use our movie critique writing service and benefit from many years of our experience.


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What Is a Movie Critique?

A movie critique is a piece of writing that sums up, analyzes, and evaluates a movie. The paper typically covers various aspects, e.g., the plot, acting, cinematography, sound, direction, light, etc. An important part of writing a film critique is the analysis of its theme and overall meaning. For a better understating of what a critique is, you might want to read and analyze a professional example of a critique and see how it is structured and what it covers.


A Movie Critique vs. a Movie Review

Students often confuse a movie critique with a movie review. The review is a paper that presents one’s personal opinion about a movie and offers a recommendation about whether it is worth watching. The critique, on the other hand, is a film analysis essay. The overall approaches as to how to review and how to critique a movie are different. The critique requires an in-depth study and interpretation, whereas reviews are rather about sharing thoughts and feelings.

The Essentials of How to Critique a Movie

If this is your first time dealing with a movie critique, you might wonder, “How do you write a critique of a movie?” Critiquing takes research and analysis. An author should formulate a thesis statement and develop it throughout the paper while discussing different movie-making aspects. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Watch a movie more than once. It allows you to catch more than just the plot.
  • Be as objective as possible. Express opinions but support all of them with evidence from the film.
  • Avoid summarizing the plot. No one likes spoilers.
  • There are as many interpretations of a film as there are viewers. Do not doubt your opinion, if you can support it with specific examples from the film.
  • While watching, pay attention to patterns and repetitions. These are crucial in revealing the theme or the central idea of the movie.

The paper that you end up with must be objective and specific, demonstrate an understating of the film’s theme, and contain the analysis of both the ideas and the form that they take in the picture.

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How to Write a Movie Critique: Steps Explained

The very first step of how to write a film critique essay is to study the instructions you’re your professor gives you. You should understand what is expected of you and what your paper should cover. Sure, there is a set of rules and conventions that you have to follow, but your professor might have additional ones. Now, you are all set to start the writing process. 

Watch a Movie. Twice.

Yes, you should watch the film at least twice. The first time is about getting the gist of the piece. You pay attention to the story, characters, and the general mood. The second view is when you start reading between the lines. While watching, take notes about what you see and feel. Note down any repetitions, patterns, symbols, crucial dialogues, etc.

Analyze the Theme

We have mentioned the term “theme” several times now. You might wonder what it is and how to critique a movie theme. Well, it is the key idea of a movie that manifests throughout the picture in various ways, e.g., through patterns, symbols, and repetitions. There can be a few of them in a single picture, and you might want to choose one to discuss in your paper.

Analyze the Plot and Storytelling

One of the key rules as to how to write a movie critique is to analyze, and not summarize. Students often fail to follow this rule when it comes to the analysis of the plot. You have to discuss not what happens but rather consider the tools and devices that the director uses to move the plot forward, e.g., setting, linear/non-linear development, plot structure, etc.

Consider Characters and Acting

Analyzing characters is crucial for a movie critique essay. Pay attention to their appearance, behavior, and interaction with others. Identify their role in moving the plot and the course of their development throughout the story. Examine acting too. Did the actors manage to bring the characters to life?

Zoom in on Other Movie-Making Components

There is a lot to consider besides the plot and characters in a film. You might want to analyze and interpret the use of light, music, colors, and costumes to convey a message. Examine the camera angles, editing, and arrangement of scenes too. All of these are powerful tools in the hands of a professional director.

Start Writing a Movie Critique Paper

Using your notes, create an outline of your movie critique essay and start writing the draft. A good paper will have a strong thesis statement that a student develops and supports with specific examples from the movie. Typically, the movie critique format is that of a five-paragraph essay, but your professor might have other requirements.

Edit and Proofread Before Submitting

Once you are through with the draft, you should edit and polish it. But first, take some time off. A brief pause will boost the quality of your editing and help you notice more ways how to improve the piece. Do not skip this step of the writing process; otherwise, you risk submitting a poor paper.

A Universal Movie Critique Outline

Let us zoom in on a correct movie critique outline. As mentioned, this paper usually has a five-paragraph structure:

  • Introduction. Here, you should provide the essential information about a movie. Mention the title, director, date of release, and genre. Describe what the film is about and add a thesis statement that pinpoints the key message of the film and its manifestations.
  • Body. There should be at least three paragraphs in which you develop and support your thesis statement with specific examples. Each paragraph should concern one major idea and have a topic sentence. Arrange paragraphs in an order that helps strengthen your argument.
  • Conclusion. This paragraph should simply sum up the key points of your paper. Here, you can also share your overall impression and leave your recommendations regarding the movie.

When you mention specific scenes from the film, you might want to cite them according to the required formatting style. You may also use screenshots from a movie where applicable. After the movie critique essay itself, you need to add a bibliography page with a reference of the movie and other sources used to create a piece.

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Topic Ideas for a Movie Critique Essay

If you are writing a film critique for your class, you are likely to have received a specific movie to analyze from your professor. If this is not the case, here are a few topics that you could write about:

  1. The theme of emancipation in Barbie.
  2. Parent-kids relationship in Dogtooth by Yorgos Lanthimos.
  3. The role of the setting in the movie Zone of Interest.
  4. The themes of power and violence in Dune.
  5. The theme of prejudice in the movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.
  6. The topic of friendship in The Holdovers.
  7. The theme of lost opportunities in The Past Lives by Celine Song.
  8. The topic of gender roles in the movie Marriage Story.
  9. Assuming the role of God in Oppenheimer.
  10. The topic of keeping up with the technology in Babylon.

Now, you have some understanding of how to critique a movie, topic ideas, an outline, and step-by-step guidelines for how to write a film critique essay. We hope all these make your writing experience as easy as possible. Yet, there is a way to make it completely hassle-free. You can place an order with and hire an experienced writer to complete the task for you.

Don’t Copy a Random Movie Critique Example. Order a Custom Paper

If you have selected an interesting topic, but a thought like “I do not want to write my movie critique” keeps bothering you, you can make it stop. Place an order with and let our writers help you. We are a writing company that matches your task with a writing professional who is qualified to assist you. You tell us what you need, and we deliver a completely customized piece of writing to you. 

Of course, you might be tempted to use a cheaper option and opt for a free movie critique example that you might find online. But mind that copying ideas from samples or any other sources without giving credit to an author is plagiarism. In order to get both a top grade and positive feedback from your professor, you have to hand in an authentic piece of writing. We, at, will create an original paper with fresh and insightful ideas for you at an affordable price.

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Who Will Write My Movie Critique?

If you place an order with us, you can be sure that an experienced writer and a movie geek will create a paper for you. Our movie critique writers:

  • Have at least a BA degree.
  • Are English native speakers and skilled at writing.
  • Have excellent analytical and critical thinking skills.
  • Possess much research experience.
  • Know how to write a movie critique and have lots of hands-on experience with this type of paper.
  • Are not afraid of complex tasks or short deadlines.
  • Provide error-free and flowing writing.
  • Are available to communicate with you directly and implement your ideas.

All our movie critique writers are carefully selected among a huge number of candidates. It was not easy to assemble such a team, but we have managed to and are proud of each writer on it. With us, you can be sure to receive a movie critique that will not disappoint.

Reasons to Choose Our Movie Critique Writing Service

If you choose to be our client, you will benefit not only from our expertise but also from these advantages:

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We Know How to Write a Movie Critique That Rocks for You

We hope that we have managed to shed some light on how to write a movie critique for you. However, if you still find the process confusing, we are here to help. If you want to delegate the task, you can place an order at Our professional writers know how to critique a movie and create a paper that gets a top grade. And they are ready to put their expertise for your success now.


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