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During their studies, students have to deal with all sorts of assignments, and one of them is a memo essay. It is a brief piece of writing typically used in business communication in a variety of industries. The function of a business memo is to inform or convince a reader to take an action. Organizations use them to notify the team about updates, new policies, and important changes. Occasionally, this paper, especially a legal memorandum, can be used to communicate an issue to a client. Although short, memos are very a time-consuming task, which makes most students dread them.

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What Is a Memo? Definition and Types

A memo essay is a semi-formal document used for circulating information within a team or with clients. Though they are not as formal as official letters, a professional writing style has to be applied. These papers are frequently used to disseminate the needed information quickly, inform about a certain action plan, or highlight an issue and possible solutions. Memos are supposed to be succinct, focused, and easy to follow. When you have to write a memo, ask yourself several guiding questions:

  • Who is a potential reader of the document?
  • Which actions should the readers take after reading it?
  • What data do the recipients expect to get from the paper?

By answering these questions, you will find it easier to understand how to write a memo, which memo format to choose, and which style to apply.

Common Types of Memos Explained

Although there is one accepted memo format, there are several commonly used types of this paper. They are distinguished based on the sphere where they are used and on the purpose that they fulfill. Some of the types are:

  • Legal memorandum. This piece of business communication is used specifically in the field of Law to provide a legal opinion. It is usually done upon a request from a client or a senior colleague.
  • Policy memo. These are created to provide a summary of a certain policy or offer recommendations regarding it. It should highlight a specific concern of a target reader, i.e., a decision-maker.
  • Business memo. This document is aimed at solving a client’s commercial issue and reaching the desired outcome for them. The problem might be analyzed from various perspectives, e.g., legal, compliance, taxes, etc.
  • Field report memorandum. Such a paper is a summary of an off-site situation within a company. It might include observations, a description of the overall experience, detected issues, recommendations, etc.
  • Status quo memo. This document is similar to a progress report where an update on a project is provided to a supervisor. It might cover the achievements, obstacles, an anticipated deadline, etc.

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How to Write a Memo Essay: Writing Tips

Have you made several attempts to write a good memorandum, but everything was in vain? Perhaps, you just need more information about how to write a memo and relevant rules and standards. Our experts are happy to share their knowledge with you. To create a well-written memo essay, make sure you do the following:

Point to consider


Keep your memo brief

These documents are a part of business communication, so your paper should be very concise and effective. It should offer a comprehensive overview of an issue without going into too much detail.

Think of the vocabulary you use

Memos are often written by experts to someone who does not have a full understanding of the topic. It means the language should be simple and should not contain too much professional jargon.

No mistakes are acceptable

Of course, the most important things in a memorandum are the content and correct memo format. But even if they are perfect, the document might be perceived badly in case there are mistakes and typos. Proofread the piece carefully before submitting it.

Maintain objectivity and professional tone

In the document, you might discuss a problem about which you have a strong opinion. Yet, it should not show in your writing. The latter should be impartial and professional at all times. Never use emotionally charged language. 

Keep memo clear and straightforward

For the sake of effectiveness, do not go around the issue and discuss the key things right away. Use subheadings to divide the memorandum into logical parts for added clarity. Do not hesitate to use lists and bullet points. While they are frowned upon in a usual essay, they are perfect for a memorandum.

If you still are unsure how to write a memo and could use professional assistance, the team of is at your service. You can always rely on us to provide you with a quality piece of writing organized in the required memo format.

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How You Should Format a Memo

Regardless of whether you need to write a policy memo or a legal memorandum, the general format of the paper will be the same. Here is what a correct memo format looks like:

  • Header. It should include the name and job title of a recipient and a sender, the date when it is sent, and the subject of the piece.
  • Background information. This section of the body should cover the issue under consideration in general terms. Why did it arise and why should it be solved? Add a thesis statement informing a reader of the purpose of the document.
  • Recommendations. This part should present findings and recommendations regarding the issue. It is better to list the alternatives from the least to the most feasible. Also, acknowledging limitations and obstacles to using described options is necessary.
  • Summary. If the memorandum is rather long, you might want to add a summary. It should be like a conclusion paragraph with key points of the document summed up in it.
  • Closing statement. It should be a polite formal closing with a call to action. For example, you might encourage a reader to reach out for additional information in the case of a legal memorandum for a client. Or you may ask to improve a certain policy if it is a memorandum to a superior within a company. Just be sure to state clearly which action you expect.

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If you want a professional memo writer to complete this task for you, is the best choice. Our writers are talented specialists who have a clear understanding of how to write a memo and can do it well even within strict deadlines. All of them hold degrees in respective research areas and have vast experience in writing. They always make much effort to prepare outstanding papers for our customers. Besides, our pool of skilled memo writers is rather large. It means that we can examine any topic and discuss any issue for you. Regardless of whether you need a policy memo, business memo, or legal memorandum, you can count on us. Our professional memo writer will craft a unique paper in line with all the standards and your preferences.

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